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Top 9 Best Legoland Parks for Unforgettable Experience

While Disney has the most popular line of theme parks in the entire world, they are not the only ones in the market. On the contrary, there are dozens of great franchises with their own theme parks that are just as good, if not better, than what Disneyland can offer. One of such theme parks is Legoland, which revolves around, yes, you guessed it, Lego. Legoland Parks are places meant primarily for children, making them perfect vacation destinations if you’re planning a trip with your entire family, kids included. However, if you’re an adult on a solo journey, you probably won’t have much fun at Legoland, since most of its attractions are targeted to the younger audience. Still, if you love Lego, it might be a worthy experience to see a whole theme park dedicated to it. There are, however, so many Legoland Parks in the world that it would be difficult to see them all, as there are many more of those than Disneyland Parks. To help you choose the best one, we have prepared a list of Top 9 Best Legoland Parks for Unforgettable Experience, which will tell you the specific things that make each one of them great.

Chris RowthornChris Rowthorn

Day at Legoland

After your day at Legoland, we recommend visiting the SCMAGLEV and Railway Park museum, which showcases some of the trains used in Japan, including the fastest ones in the world. The museum is a great way to make even more out of your journey to Japan, as you will get to know some interesting facts about the culture and history of the country. After your day at Legoland, we recommend visiting the SCMAGLEV and Railway Park museum, which showcases some of the trains used in Japan, including the fastest ones in the world. We understand that you may not be the biggest fan of trains. Let's be honest – that's not the most exciting hobby ever. But these Japanese machines are real miracles of engineering which deserve to be admired.

Julie Bigboy/Day Trips TravelingMomJulie Bigboy/Day Trips TravelingMom

Legoland California

For American tourists, Legoland California is most often the go-to destination, since it is one of the best Legoland Parks in the United States and is within the most populated state. Legoland California is located in the city of Carlsbad, in the south of the state not far from San Diego. What's best about California's Legoland is that you can bring your kids for free, as you will be eligible for a free kids' ticket with every paid adult ticket. We also recommend downloading the interactive map of Legoland California on your phone, which shows you a map with all of the rides, including waiting times updated in real-time! As an additional tip, don't bring a bag to carry all your souvenirs in – you can ask the employees to pack everything you have bought and it will be waiting for you at the exit of the park. Pretty handy, right? While at Legoland California, why not take a day off and plan a trip to the famous San Diego Zoo? It’s not far from Carlsbad and is definitely worth it! San Diego Zoo has one of the largest collections of exotic animals in all of the United States, including leopards, anacondas, crocodiles, giraffes, and more! The animals' walks are organised in such a way that they resemble their natural environment. Once you're in, it's easy to forget that the place was created by human’s hands and it makes you feel like you're in the middle of the wild.


Legoland Florida

Orlando is known for its amazing collection of theme parks, including the famous Universal Orlando, Disney World, and even a Harry Potter-themed park. One of the newest additions to this collection is Legoland Florida, located outside of Orlando in Winter Haven. You will, on average, need about an hour's ride to reach it from central Orlando. Getting there without your own car can be tricky, as there are no means of public transportation, but Legoland operates a shuttle that starts at Universal Orlando. However, that shuttle only cruises one time every day, so make sure you keep an eye on the watch or you may lose your way home! Thankfully, the shuttle is rather cheap, as it only costs $5, but if you want a more reliable alternative, there are plenty of car rental services in Orlando, situated in the vicinity of Universal Orlando, so you won't have to search for long. Thus you save not only money but also time. Thanks to this you'll be able to use more attractions than you've planned.


Legoland Windsor Resort

This Legoland was created in 1996, and over 25 million Lego blocks were used in its creation. It is located rather close to London and includes over 55 attractions, 11 restaurants and cafes, as well as seven shops and two all-inclusive hotels full of Lego blocks. One of the most talked-about attractions at Legoland Windsor Resort right now is the Duplo Dino Coaster – a new addition introduced this year. The ride is targeted towards the youngest users and features all kinds of dinosaurs along the way, all made out of authentic Duplo bricks! The attraction is opening on March 14th, 2020, and there will be a special opening event.


Legoland Denmark

Located in Billund, Denmark, this Legoland is the oldest one of them all, built close to the original Lego factory. It was opened in 1968 and is the largest tourist attraction in all of Denmark (excluding Copenhagen), scoring almost 2 million visitors every year. This park is divided into ten zones: Duplo Land, Imagination Zone, LEGOREDO Town, Adventure Land, Miniland, Pirate Land, Lego City, Knights Kingdom, Viking Land, and Polar Land. While some of these zones are named the same and look similar to other parks, some of them are entirely unique. Even the same zones feature unique rides, so we fully recommend exploring the park yourself to find them all out!

Legoland Windsor Resort

If you thought the 25 million Lego blocks used in the creation of Legoland Windsor Resort was an excessive amount, the Legoland in Germany used over 55 million – over twice the amount! There are thousands upon thousands of gorgeous models and statues made entirely out of Lego blocks, from tiny figurines to massive buildings. One of the most popular and thrilling rides in Legoland Deutschland is the Flying Ninjago ride, in which guests take seats behind the steering wheel of a Ninjago aircraft. Another popular ride is the Lego Bionicle Power Builder, located in the Lego Factory zone, which uses mechanical arms to throw the carts around.


Legoland Water Park Gardaland

Opening this year, Legoland Water Park Gardaland takes a different spin on the classic formula of Legoland. This theme park is actually located within another theme park, Gardaland, which itself is situated in Castelnuovo del Garda in Italy. Gardaland is one of the most popular theme parks in Italy, and the inclusion of the Legoland Water Park makes it one of the most amazing attractions in all of Europe. Unlike in most Legoland Parks, you will find mostly water slides at the Legoland Water Park Gardaland, but it also includes some traditional ones, such as a Miniland zone which is filled with hundreds of famous Italian landmarks and monuments, all recreated from Lego bricks!


Legoland Malaysia

The Legoland in Malaysia includes the theme park, a dedicated water park, and a unique hotel, all in one place. The resort is filled with over 70 attractions and is actually the largest Legoland in the world so far. The hotel is perhaps the most intricate part of the theme park, as all of the rooms are decorated with Lego-themed furniture and decorations, some of which are even made out of Lego bricks. At the roof of a hotel lies an open swimming pool, which has a lifeguard watching over at all times, so you can be sure your kids are safe there. The resort is divided into four zones: Adventure, Pirate, Kingdom, and Ninjago, with the last one being the most popular among kids. There is also the ever-present Miniland, featuring unique Asian landmarks recreated with Lego, using over 30 million bricks.

Dubai OnlineDubai Online

Legoland Dubai Resort

The second newest addition to the Legoland collection, just a year older than Legoland Japan, is the Legoland Dubai Resort. The resort was actually supposed to open in 2011 as a part of Dubailand, but a decision has been made to postpone the opening and make the Legoland its own thing. Similarly to all the other Legoland Parks, this one features six areas you can explore: Factory, Lego City, Imagination, Kingdoms, Adventure, and Miniland. The Miniland in Dubai is different than all the other ones, as it is located indoors. You can find over fifteen thousand Lego models around the park, made with the use of over 15 million Lego blocks.

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