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Top 7 Ways to Save Money on Disneyland Tickets

With amazing rides and tons of attractions, Disneyland brings not thousands, but tens of millions of people every year, with the attendance increasing every year. In 2018, almost 20 million people visited Disneyland in California, and that does not count all the other parks around the world, which can be found in Paris, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Shanghai, and Orlando. Disneyland is the perfect place for a family trip, as your kids are sure to love meeting their favorite characters from Disney movies, including Mickey Mouse himself and all of the princes and princesses of the franchise. The park even has unique restaurants and shops, which are stylized to look like buildings taken straight from one of the fairy tales. There are also tons of live music events and performances taking place every day, including the famous Disney parade, where actors in costumes resembling characters from Disney movies pass through the entire park on amazing platforms. However, a trip to Disneyland can be quiet expensive if you don't know how to properly organize it. The flight tickets alone can quickly diminish your budget, and that doesn't even begin to cover the expenses. Don't worry, though, because we have prepared this handy list of Top 7 Ways to Save Money on Disneyland Tickets, which will help you save a couple of bucks during your stay.

Joshua Sudock/Disneyland ResortJoshua Sudock/Disneyland Resort

Buy a ticket

Let’s be serious – you are not going to be able to see everything at Disneyland in one day. There are simply too many attractions and activities to do, and the long waiting times for the rides do not help with that. However, instead of going for just a single day, we recommend buying Disneyland tickets for two to three days, which should be enough to see everything. While a ticket for three days will certainly be more expensive than a single ticket, you will get more value for your price, as they are usually cheaper when you calculate what you’re paying per day. Also, there are frequent discounts which are only applicable to multi-day tickets, so keep an eye on the official Disneyland website for any promotions. Additionally, many Disneyland parks are actually composed of more than one attraction area. The Disneyland Paris, for example, consists of both the regular park, and Walt Disney Studios Park. If you buy a ticket for three or more days, you will be able to enter both parks with just one ticket on the same day. Check the details on the website of a specific Disneyland park for more information.


Hopper Tickets

Buying Disneyland tickets is a much more complicated task than you may think. First of all, most parks have their own ticket types with individual prices at each one. Make sure to do your research right to see which one of those parks is the most affordable at the time. Moreover, some of the parks feature additional attractions. For example. The Disneyland Park in California also features the Disney California Adventure park, which requires a separate ticket to enjoy. Similarly, in Paris you have the Walt Disney Studios Park, which is dedicated to the show-business part of Disney, as well as movie production. It is more of an adult experience, so if you're traveling with kids, you might want to stay to the regular theme park. However, if you want to see both of them, there are special Hopper Tickets, which allow you to switch parks during a single day. Those are a bit more expensive, but still cheaper than buying two separate tickets.

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Disneyland hotel

In some parks, there are often special offers which provide you with a special kind of pass that allows you to get into the park one hour before it opens for the general population. That is a great way to save time and money, as during that hour you will be able to enjoy the attractions without lines. As an additional tip, make sure to visit the attractions that have the highest demand during that hour, as you will save yourself hours of waiting in queues. To get access to early admission, you usually will have to either stay at the Disneyland hotel, or buy a 3+ day ticket. Early admission is also not available on certain days of the weak, so make sure to carefully read through the instructions on the official Disneyland tickets website. There are also additional goodies provided for people who come to the park early.


Disneyland tickets

While you may think buying Disneyland tickets is as simple as going to their website, adding the tickets to your cart, and proceeding with your payment, thousands of people every year get scammed as they buy their tickets through travel agencies or third-party websites. Such websites and agencies often introduce their own service fee for buying you the ticket, which only increases the price. However, there are absolutely no benefits to buying tickets this way, as the dealers, after they take the money from you, do the same as every other customer – buy the tickets at the official website. Save yourself the trouble and money and buy your tickets from a legitimate source – it’s the safest and cheapest option.


Discounts and Offers

During the high season, which usually stays throughout the entire summer and during holidays, you won't see many discounts and special offers on Disneyland tickets. However, if you keep checking from time to time, you may find a good deal outside of the season. There is an additional bonus to coming to the park outside of the high season – the lines will be much shorter, which means you will be able to fit more attractions in a single day. The best place to find out about the available discounts and offers is Disneyland’s website itself, so make sure to add it to your bookmarks. We also recommend checking each individual website of every Disneyland theme park, as sometimes the discounts posted there do not appear anywhere else. Apart from the official website, we recommend checking out the Get Away Today website, which collects the available discounts in an easy to manage spot. On the website, you will be able to find some discounts that are either hard to find online, or cannot be found at all.

Undercover TouristUndercover Tourist

The attractions

In every single Disneyland park, there are services that allow you to use private queues for the rides. The private line works similarly to the regular one, as usually half of the guests enter from the regular one and half from the private one. However, only people with a special pass have access to this line, which severely shortens it. This can easily turn an hour or two of waiting into just a couple minutes, since most of the visitors are too stingy to buy the pass. While the pass may seem expensive at first, it will save you hours of your time. Do you prefer waiting in the lines, or enjoying the attractions? Ultimately the choice is yours, but we really recommend you think about getting this kind of pass.

The service has different names in most of the parks. In California, it is called Fastpass, and is entirely free to use. The way this works is you sign up at a machine near the attraction of your choice and get assigned a one-hour window during the day, during which you will be able to use the fast line. However, not all attractions allow that. If you want to have more freedom and comfort while at Disneyland, we recommend getting the MaxPass instead. MaxPass requires an additional fee, but allows you to always use the fast lines, in addition to granting you access to unlimited photos.

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Great deal

Sometimes, you may be able to find used tickets on auction sites such as or others. These tickets usually come from people who buy access to the park for multiple days, but end up only going for a day or two. While you may think that buying a used ticket which still has 3 days to use at half the price of a regular ticket might be a great deal, unfortunately, this does not work. The Disneyland employees check every ticket as you enter, rendering most of those tickets useless apart. There are also tons of either expired or fake tickets circulating the websites, so your best bet would be to get the tickets from the official retailer ONLY.

There is an alternative to this, however. A website called Dapper Day organizes trips to Disneyland a couple times per year, offering much more lucrative prices. There is a catch, however – you will have to dress yourself in an old-fashioned, very stylish way, as that is the entire premise of the initiative. Dapper Day features different themes during their events, so check their website frequently to see if it fits you. You can also find the date of the next event, as well as book your spot to guarantee your discounted tickets.

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