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Top 5 Best Beaches in Dubrovnik Croatia

If you're planning a summer excursion to Southern Europe, Croatia is the perfect place to go if you love gorgeous architecture, sandy beaches, and good wine. It is also the perfect country to snorkel and sail, as those are the favorite pastime activities not only of tourists coming to visit Croatia, but of locals all the same. There is one place in Croatia that combines all of those activities - Dubrovnik, the city of amazing sights, beloved by celebrities all over the world. Moreover, the city was chosen for a couple of scenes for the critically acclaimed show Game of Thrones, so you might get to see places from your favorite show. However, the biggest advantage of Dubrovnik, and Croatia in general, are its beaches, private and public alike. To get a better knowledge of which beaches in Dubrovnik to visit, we present to you our Top 5 Best Beaches in Dubrovnik list.

Villa OrtiVilla Orti

Beautiful beaches

We guarantee you will immediately fall in love with this wild beach, loved by the locals and often forgotten by the tourists, which means you probably won’t have to fight the crowds for a comfy spot by the shore. The beach is located a mere 10-minute walk from the Old Town and while it is not the best spot for sunbathing, due to its rocky nature, it is definitely among the most beautiful beaches in all of Croatia. If you’re diligent enough, you will be sure to find a small cave with access directly from the water, which hosts a cozy beach bar - perfect for a moment of relaxation whenever you feel tired from all the swimming and want to catch a breather for a couple of minutes with a cold beer.

Copacabana beach – DubrownikCopacabana beach – Dubrownik

Sandy Beach

While this beach is a private one and will cost you to enter, it is the best beach in Dubrovnik for a luxurious evening by the seashore. There are frequent DJ and live music events at the scene by the sandy beach, which you can enjoy with a nice cocktail from the beach bar. If you’re up for a sightseeing walk, the beach is located around 20-minutes of walking from the Old Town. However, if time is what matters to you, we recommend taking a bus. The beach itself is fitted with sunbathing chairs, which allow you to relax in comfort, and there are a bunch of huge inflatable unicorns and flamingos, perfect for posing for that ideal Instagram picture to boast with among your friends.

Aleksander GospićAleksander Gospić

The Banje

Located within the Old Town of Dubrovnik itself, the Banje is the best beach if you’re looking for a night party after a long day of wandering through the city. Especially during the summer, the beach is filled with tourists and locals alike who come for some of the craziest beach parties in the city. It is also the most popular of the beaches in Dubrovnik when it comes to tourists, so watch out for heavy crowds during the season. It also has a stunning view of the Old Town and the Lokrum Island, as well as endless Adriatic sprawling into the distance. The pebbly sand is perfect for sunbathing, but better use flip-flops as it tends to get hot quite easy!


Mlini Beach

Usually attended only by tourists who stay in one of the hotels in the Zupa area of Dubrovnik, Mlini Beach is often overlooked by those staying in other parts of the city. Since it is quite far from the Old Town, you can either catch the bust 10 or 16, or go by boat from the Old Town’s port. Mlini is also the best beach in Dubrovnik for long walks, as it sprawls for miles and miles, connecting several smaller beaches into one huge complex with walkways. After a relaxing walk by the beach, you will undoubtedly be hungry, which is a perfect opportunity to visit the Restaurant Puntižela, which is a cozy place overlooking the rocky beach. With vegetarian and gluten-free options, you’re sure to find something tasty to snack on.

Aleksander GospićAleksander Gospić

Lopud Island

This hidden gem of Dubrovnik is probably one of the only sandy beaches in Dubrovnik you will find, but make sure you set aside a whole day for visiting it since it is quite far away from the heart of the city, accessible by boat as it is located on the Lopud Island. For more adventurous tourists, there are a bunch of kayaking and paddling tours that will take you exploring the coast of Croatia. If you’re not a fan of getting wet and paddling yourself, Sunj Beach offers a number of boat tours and cruises, among which you will find the famous Karaka Ship used in shooting some of the scenes from Game of Thrones.

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