Top 10 Tips for Awesome Nightlife in Stockholm

While Stockholm is well-known for its amazing museums and cultural buildings, such as the Vasa Museum, which hosts an intact Swedish warship that sank back in the early 17th century, there is plenty of more reasons to visit Stockholm during your vacation. Beautiful parks, tasty and curious cuisine, and gorgeous architecture are only some of the attractions of this gorgeous city. There is one particular aspect of Stockholm which is especially worth exploring - its vibrant nightlife! The city of Stockholm is as active during the night as it is during the day, due to the variety of nightclubs and their immaculate quality. To have as much fun as possible during your stay in this lovely city, read through our list of Top 10 Tips for Awesome Nightlife in Stockholm, in which we will share with you the best ways of improving your experience in Sweden.

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Choose the correct area

While Stockholm is not as large as some cities in the United States, Stockholm is still a relatively big city and not all districts of it are focused on nightlife, so you may want to skip those when looking for a party. If you are looking for more sophisticated experience in a luxurious nightclub, head to the Sodermalm district of Stureplan district where the most expensive clubs of the city reside - prepare for heavy spending, though! Moreover, the clubs there often have strict dress codes and possible queues. If you’re looking for a more casual experience, head over to the Sodermalm district, where smaller venues are located and where you will not have to spend enormous amounts of money to have fun. Sodermalm is also less crowded, so you have a better chance of actually getting into a club without having to wait in line.


Take care of the transport

If the club you chose is located nearby a train station, you are in luck as the train service is operational all throughout the day and night on Friday and Saturday. The trains depart in relatively short intervals, so you won’t have to wait long. If train stations are too far from your accommodation or your club, you can always use the night buses, which are not as fast, but are also quite reliable. Make sure to get a rechargeable card, purchasable at every metro station in the city, which can be used both for metro and night buses at a discount. Travel cards are also good options, especially if you are planning a longer stay in the city. If you do not feel like using public transportation, you can always order one of the many taxis cruising around the city.

Check your budget

If you are on a tight budget and want to have fun while also limiting spending, you can find a variety of pubs which will serve you bear for about 5 euros. However, those will usually be the cheapest beers available and if you want something better - you will have to spend more. Unfortunately, alcohol in all of Sweden is rather expensive and Stockholm is governed by the exact same rules. However, there are still ways to save some money. For example, visiting dive bars around the city is both a unique experience and will not cost you much. Those bars are usually crowded and loud, but at least they are cheap. If you’re looking for a more premium experience, be prepared to spend a lot.


Register online

A lot of clubs in Stockholm keep guest lists, especially the more luxurious and sophisticated ones. The guests from the list have priority entry to the club, and guests from outside the list will have to wait in a queue and can only come in when there is enough space. If you want to avoid waiting in lines for hours, we recommend checking online for opportunities to sign up on such a list, as many clubs provide the ability to do so. Also, make sure to check their social media profiles for any available discounts and deals. Finally, there are a handful of apps that make getting into guest lists possible from your smartphone, so be sure to check those as well.

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Eat a hearty meal

Seriously, do not go clubbing on an empty stomach. Stockholm has some of the greatest restaurants in all of Sweden, where you can taste the local cuisine or have some of the more international meals made with extra care. We recommend trying some of the fish and seafood items, which are fresh and tasty, as well as the famous Swedish meatballs. If you happen to forget about eating before exploring the nightlife of Stockholm, you might find yourself not feeling too well after a couple of beers. If you find yourself hungry during your clubbing escapade, there is an assortment of fast-food chains in Stockholm which remain open through the night. If you look hard enough, there is bound to be a McDonald’s that will be open somewhere in your vicinity.


Invite your friends

If you happen to be visiting Stockholm with a group, make sure to gather up before exploring the nightlife of Stockholm - the more the merrier! Rest assured, that you will have a much better time partying with people you already know than having to find new acquaintances and drink buddies. If you came alone to Stockholm, there is a number of handy Facebook groups for tourists, on which you can find others who are without partying partners and are looking for people to join them. This way not only will you be able to enjoy your drinks in company, but you will also make some new friendships while at it!


Party with the locals

There is no one more knowledgeable about the nightlife of Stockholm than the locals themselves, as it is a natural part of their everyday life. While in a club or a pub in the city, make sure to strike up a conversation with a group of friendly locals. This way, you will be able to make some friends which can show you around the city and help you get the best of what the nightlife of Stockholm has to offer. Moreover, friendships like these often come in handy, as the locals can share some useful tips and recommendations about the city itself. Treasure those acquaintances, as they will surely bring you happy memories whenever you reminisce about your time spent in this city.


Consider booking a table

If you value your privacy and want to have a peaceful evening without having to bump shoulders with strangers, you can always book a private table in almost any club or pub in the city. Booking a table is a great way to escape the loud noise of the dance floor, and without booking, you can never be sure that an empty spot will be available, especially in some more popular nightclubs. If you’re with friends, booking a table is a must to comfortably spend the evening. As an additional tip, try to strike up conversations with others in the club, some of which may already have a table bought and could potentially invite you.

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Let yourself have fun

If you seriously want to enjoy the nightlife of Stockholm, you have to get yourself in the right mindset. Relax, don't stress yourself about going out - it is supposed to be fun after all, is it not? If you are worried about dancing because of a lack of skill, do not worry - the vast majority of people in the club have no idea how to dance. It's all about improvising and having a good time, so don't sweat too hard on the details. Be friendly and open towards anyone who might strike up a conversation and you will surely soon find a friend or two to spend the night with. And don't just stand in one spot - you should actually move around the venue for the best chances of finding someone to party with.

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Watch your belongings

While crime in Stockholm is usually not a problem, it is always good advice to keep a keen eye on your personal belongings, like a wallet or a purse. If possible, limit the amount of valuables you bring with you when going out. It is also a good idea to only take a specific amount of money with you as to avoid excessive spending which you might regret the next day. When at the club, always keep your belongings close to your body and if you have a coat, make sure you empty the pockets before you hang it. As a final remark, never let your drink out of your eyesight, as you never know if someone hasn’t tampered with it when you weren’t looking.

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