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Top 10 Best Nude Beaches in the World

Visiting a nude beach can be a freeing experience, as many of those who have tried it said that it helped them maintain positive self-confidence, as body positivity is one of the most important features of nude beaches. While in most places in the world skinny-dipping is still considered taboo and even illegal, there are still many great beaches to explore around the world at which you can wear whatever you want - including nothing at all. Through the free beach movement, which gained popularity in the 1960s, nude beaches are now much more widely accepted around the world as fewer people are so negatively prejudices against them. If you wish to experience nude beaches for yourself, we have prepared this handy list of Top 10 Nude Beaches in the World, which will allow you to find a perfect spot for your summer trip!

Little Beach

If you are a citizen of the United States, you do not have to travel far in order to find one of the prettiest nude beaches in the world. One of such beaches, named Little Beach, lies in the state of Hawaii, on the coast of the island Maui. The most interesting fact about this beach is that it is placed in the vicinity of a volcano, and some parts of the beach are adorned with remnants of lava from the volcano’s eruption. The beach is located within Maui’s Makena State Park and is surrounded by trees from most sides, providing some shade and additional barrier from the outside world. You may even happen to witness some evening fire shows and live music events, if you’re lucky!


Cap d’Agde

This gorgeous beach, located in Southern France, is the biggest out of all the nude beaches in the world. During its most popular months, the famous beach attracts over 30,000 visitors, guests and locals alike. The beach actually makes up a part of a larger complex, composed out of restaurants, bars, stores, and many others in which you can be as naked as you like. While you do not have to be nude all the time around the resort, remember that to actually visit the beach you have to be naked. The resort also has a naturist hotel, in which enthusiasts of skinny-dipping from around the world can find lodging among friendly faces.


Red Beach

Located on the picturesque island of Crete in Greece, Red Beach is famous all around the world for its unique red color of the sand, which slightly resembles rust and from the name of the beach comes from. The beach is among one of the best and most visited nude beaches in Greece, even sometimes taking top places among European ranking of best naturist beaches. If you need some refreshments, there is a handy bar nearby in which you will find freshly ground coffee and something to fill your stomach after a long day of sunbathing and swimming. For something more filling than a little snack, head to the Minos Palace - a gourmet restaurant nearby which serves some of the best of what Greek cuisine has to offer.

Playa Es Pregons Gran

If you are planning to visit Mallorca any time soon, why not give the nude beach experience a try and make your way to Playa Es Pregons Gran, located on the coast of this Balearic Island. The beach is filled with beautiful golden sand and surrounded by crystal-clear water. Since the bar is located in a rather secluded location, you should not have to worry about heavy crowds taking away a spot from you. If you’re feeling like sharing your naturist experience with other enthusiasts, there is a naturist resort nearby, called Club Oasis. Remember to take some refreshments and a couple of sandwiches, since there are no restaurants or bars nearby!


Playa Zipolite

This beautiful naturist beach is situated in Mexico, within the southern state of Oaxaca. Playa Zipolite became famous when in 2001 it was featured in a popular Mexican movie. The beach itself is long with warm, smooth sand and turquoise waves crashing over the shore. The trees next to the sand provide some shade, and pointy rock formations at each side make the place more disconnected from the outside world. While the beach is not officially a naturist beach, it is still very popular among the clothing-optional swimmers. The locals are very tolerant of skinny-dippers, even though it is technically not allowed by Mexican law.

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Playa De Maspalomas

Ever wanted to go on a trip to the Canary Islands during your summer vacation? Now you have another incentive to do so, as Playa De Maspalomas is one of the best-looking nude beaches in the world! The beach is located on the island of Gran Canaria and features miles upon miles of gorgeous dunes to look at, which make the whole beach resemble a desert. Part of the beach has been officially recognized as a nude beach, so there is no worries of getting into problems while enjoying the warm sun without clothes on. If you wish to remain clothed, the rest of the beach is perfectly accessible in swimsuits and just as gorgeous!

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Hippie Hollow

You do not have to leave the United States to find some premium nude beaches, and Hippie Hollow is one of the best America has to offer! The popular beach is located in the city of Austin, Texas, for decades Hippie Hollow brought local naturists together as a place of social interaction, where enthusiasts of skinny-dipping can drink beer freely and even have a barbecue party right on the beach. The beach actually became an officially recognized naturist beach in the 1970s and since then is an everyday meet-up spot for Austin’s naturist population. If you plan on visiting Hippie Hollow, remember that you cannot start any open fires nor use any glass, and you must be over the age of eighteen to even enter the beach.

Haulover Beach

Another great beach located within the United States, the Haulover Beach can be found within the state of Florida, more precisely in the city of Sunny Isles Beach. The beach actually brings hundreds of naturists and nudists from all over the world, as it is a picturesque place with a clean, sandy shore and good weather through all seasons. Haulover Beach is located conveniently close to the city of Miami, which is also a great tourist location to explore, so if you are planning a trip to Florida, we recommend visiting Haulover Beach to see for yourself what the fuss is all about!


Di Guvano

The beach of di Guvano resides in the country of Italy, next to the city of Vernazza, and is a gorgeous rocky beach which adds a little spice to nude beaches. The beach can only be reached through a defunct railway tunnel, which is dark and mysterious. This not only makes the beach much more secluded from the outside world, but also adds an adventurous flavor to it. The deserted beach features no facilities such as toilets, showers or bars, so come prepared with drinks and food at the ready, which you should always have with you when spending time in the heat.

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Lady Bay Beach

While the country of Australia is pretty lenient when it comes to skinny-dipping and almost every beach along the coastline allows naturists to enjoy the warm weather naked, Lady Bay Beach is actually one of the official nude beaches. Conveniently, the beach is placed just outside the city of Sydney, to the south of its port. The beach may be a bit on the smaller side, but since not many people know about its existence as it is hidden by rocks, there are usually no crowds visiting this lovely crescent of sand. If you want to feel like a local, the smooth rocky cliffs around the beach are often used for sunbathing, without clothing of course!

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