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Top 10 Nude Beaches in Europe

While most of us still cling to those last pieces of cloth on our bodies when going to the beach, some have taken that final step further and have gotten rid of their clothing altogether. Nude beaches are becoming more and more popular among the European population, as body acceptance is something that every nudist practices. Moreover, there are some health benefits to it. For example, you can get a healthy boost of Vitamin D by just sunbathing without any clothes as it reaches areas of your body which previously weren’t exposed to the sun as often.

If you’re planning to begin your journey with nude beaches, Europe is the best place to do so. The taboo in Europe is a lot less strict than elsewhere and people are more accepting of this pastime. To help you get the best experience of nude beaches, we have prepared this list of Top 10 Nude Beaches in Europe!

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Mirtiotissa Beach, Greece

Situated on Corfu, one of the Greek islands on the Ionian Sea, the Mirtiotissa Beach is the favorite nude beach of Greeks, and often rated among the best nude beaches in the world. The beach is secluded with a dirt road leading up to it, about which not a lot of people know. The warm water has the perfect temperature to skinny dip in, and the large rocks submerged in water create a further barrier from the outside world and provide a very private atmosphere. Even though the beach has no facilities, that only makes it better - crowds most usually avoid this place, so you will not have to fight for a spot on the sand. However, keep in mind that you still might run into some other visitors who share the enthusiasm of nude sunbathing!

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Plage de Tahiti, France

Similar to many other nudist beaches in Europe and around the world, this remote beach in France is not an official nudist beach, but the locals are accepting of anyone who wishes to strip down and enjoy the beach that way. The beach has gained popularity internationally, as many famous celebrities come every year to this beach to relax and escape from the outside world. Even though the beach is mostly rocky, there are some spots where you will be able to find some warm and soft sand on which you can spread a blanket and sunbathe in comfort. While admiring the crystal-blue water, watch out when entering the water, as the slope can be covered in slippery moss in some places!

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Filaki Beach, Greece

Located on the beautiful Greek island of Crete in the Mediterranean Sea, the Filaki beach is filled with long stretches of pure white sand with a plenty of space to enjoy the blue sky and turquoise water. Filaki is definitely one of the best known nude beaches in Europe, as it is located a short walk from the naturist resort of Vritomartis, which itself is among the most popular ones in Greece. Additionally, Filaki Beach is one of the very few nude beaches which are actually officially ones, where you can strip to your bare body and not worry about getting into trouble. After visiting the beach, we recommend grabbing a quick bite in the Posidonio Taverna, a nice Greek restaurant that serves tasty local cuisine.

Elia Beach, Greece

Another one of the best nude beaches situated in Greece, this gorgeous stretch of sand is located on the island of Mykonos, just six miles from the Mykonos town - far enough to be remote and not attract waves of tourists, while still being a relatively close distance from a larger city, making it easy to reach. Elia beach is actually the longest beach of the whole Mykonos island, and has an interesting tradition to it. Most often, women stay to the left side of the beach, while men stay on the right. This makes Elia beach one of the most LGBT-friendly nude beaches in Europe.


Ahlbeck Beach, Germany

We venture a little further north this time, to the country of Germany, which is known as one of the main centers of nudists in Europe. Thanks to this, Germany has some of the prettiest and most accepting beaches you can find on your trip to this continent. The Germans have given this beach the name of “Sunny Island”, as it is placed in a location that receives the most sunlight along the Baltic Sea shore - going right through the border between Germany and Poland. The nearby town of Ahlbeck provides easy access to an assortment of restaurants and bars if you happen to turn hungry and thirsty, and accommodation can be found easily and at affordable prices.

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Es Trenc, Spain

This sandy beach is just like every other gorgeous Spanish beach - filled with smooth white sand, surrounded by crystal-clear water and kept warm by the ever-shining sun. The waters of the Es Trenc are shallow enough for people who are not experienced swimmers and prefer to relax in waist-deep water. The beach itself is placed on the coast of Majorca, one of the most well-known Spanish islands, and while it is rather narrow, it is quite long so you should be able to find a spot for yourself. However, keep in mind that the beach, due to its stunning beauty, has gained a lot of popularity among nude beach enthusiasts in Europe and you might run into some crowds. If you want to save some money, the restaurants nearby are quite overpriced, so search for a better alternative in one of the nearby cities.

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Leucate Plage, France

If you want to get the full nudist experience, Leucate Plage is the perfect place to go for your first-time skinny dipping. Not only is Leucate Plage one of the most recognizable nude beaches in France, but it is also a highly popular contender for the best of nude beaches in Europe! The sandy beach extends for about half a mile and you can find not one but two naturist resorts, which are specifically targetted towards people who prefer to keep their clothes off their bodies. The locals mix with the tourists in these resorts, as they enjoy the beach together without the restrictions of their clothing, making this beach a perfect spot for gaining new friends.

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Patara Beach, Turkey

Since Turkey is still just becoming a more popular tourist destination among Europeans and people from beyond, chances are you will find this beach to usually be devoid of tourists, allowing you to easily find a quiet and peaceful spot on the warm sand. Patara Beach is located on the Turkish Riviera, of which it is the longest beach, filled with smooth sand and warm water, and the water is also shallow enough for inexperienced swimmers to enjoy. Moreover, the beach is located in a very special place, which has its own legend within Turkish history. Patara is supposedly the name of an ancient city, created by Patarus, which was the son of the Greek god Apollo.

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Adegas Beach, Portugal

This beach is perfect for those who want to try the nude beach experience but are too shy to do this with strangers watching from each side. Adegas beach is a long, mostly empty beach that stretches for miles and features warm water and soft sand. While Adegas beach does not attract many visitors, and especially not many tourists, this is exactly the feature that makes this beach so perfect - you will never find crowds on this beach. Moreover, Adegas beach is one of the seven only official nude beaches in Portugal, so you can safely enjoy your time on the beach without having to worry about consequences.

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Silverstrand Beach, Ireland

Mostly forgotten and abandoned, this secluded beach on the coast of Ireland in County Galway offers an untouched sliver of smooth sand, perfect for a relaxing day on the beach during the summer months. The beach is surrounded with green hills and rocky cliffs on the sides, making for some truly spectacular views, which are a nice bonus. The peace and tranquility of the beach frequently bring people who are new to nude beaches, so you might happen to stumble into somebody who is also on one for the first time. Apart from that, Silverstrand Beach is not on many lists and is quite remote, so it skips the mind of most tourists who are not aware of it.

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