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Top 10 Nude Beaches in Croatia

Nude beaches are still somewhat of a taboo topic in the modern world, as people shun nudists for stripping naked among others, usually unknown, people. Even though we have progressed from swimsuits covering our whole bodies into tiny bikinis and revealing thongs, most people still cling to that last bit of clothing as they think to remove it would be somehow blasphemous. However, nude beaches are becoming more and more popular, and more and more people decide to finally get rid of that last bit of prejudice they might have. When they do, they very often find themselves having a great time and regretting not trying it previously. If you are considering whether or not to give nude beaches a try, we might be able to help you with that, and there are few places better to try this than Croatia. This Top 10 Nude Beaches in Croatia list will, if not convince you, at least give you an idea what are the best locations to eventually give it a go!

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Frkanj Beach

Located right next to the small town of Rab, Frkanj is probably one of the most recognizable nude beaches in Europe, maybe even in the world! Frkanj beach is the famous spot where king Edward VIII Windsor, the King of the United Kingdom and the Dominions of the British Empire, supposedly went skinny-dipping with his future American wife, Wallis Simpson. The royal couple has received special permission from the authorities of Rab, as the beach was not a nude beach back in 1936. However, even though it was technically forbidden to be nude on this beach, the historical records say that nudists visited this beach for over a century before King Edward's arrival. Moreover, this picturesque pebble beach is surrounded by bars and restaurants, which are sure to provide entertainment if you get bored with revealing your naked body. Will you feel like a king yourself? There is only one way to find it out. Visit Frkanj Beach and spend your weekend there.


Proizd Beach

Not only is Proizd beach one of the best nude beaches in Croatia, but it was also named the best Croatian beach back in 2007. Proizd is, in fact, a tiny island that is uninhabited, making the beautiful beach secluded from civilization. This makes it a perfect spot for nudists, who come to this beach not only for its undisputable beauty, but also for its remoteness. The island of Proizd is actually quite close to another Croatian island called Korcula, and the best way to reach it is from the city Vala Luka. While the beach is not a sandy one, instead being pebbly and rocky, you do not have to worry about your feet - the rocks are smooth and pleasant to touch. Remember, though, that the beach is not officially a nude beach. However, since the island is absolutely devoid of human life on a daily basis, nobody will mind if you go skinny-dipping! The only downside is that when you're on the island you can't see it from the bird's eye because the view is astonishing. But the atmosphere which you can enjoy there compensates for all of the disadvantages.

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Lokrum Beach

The Lokrum beach is a great spot to go if you’re spending your summer vacation in the nearby city of Dubrovnik, which is one of the most popular tourist destinations not only in Croatia alone, but also in all of Europe. This small island is similar to the Proizd beach, as it is uninhabited, providing the much sought after refuge from the outside world. The island is mostly consisting of rocks, making most of its beaches rocky, so watch out for any pointy pieces of stone while in there so you do not hurt yourself. While not as comfortable and as secluded from civilization as Proizd, being so close to Dubrovnik, the Lokrum island has a hidden bonus feature - a natural salty lake, which you can use like a jacuzzi and relax in!


Coast of Hvar

If you are an enthusiast of nude beaches, you might have already heard about this small island, right off the coast of Hvar. While this beach is definitely one of the most well-known nude beaches in Croatia, it has been frequently rated among the best 15 nude beaches in the world! The island is remote, secluded, and inviting. The beach covers almost all of the island’s coast, giving you plenty of space to realize your hobbies. If parts of the islands are crowded, you will definitely find an empty spot on the beach where you can relax in privacy. However, if you prefer to visit a nude beach frequented by other enthusiasts, you will definitely find those two. Skinny-dipping as a part of a crowd has almost a cathartic feeling, as you stop caring about the imperfections of your body and just enjoy the warm sun and the gentle breeze.

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Nugal Beach

This magnificent beach connects the two most important factors every good nude beach should have - privacy and beautiful sights. While the beach is not situated on its own island, which to some may seem like a downside, the beach is still secluded enough to give you plenty of privacy. It is located beneath a looming cliff, from which you can get a gorgeous view of the surrounding landscapes. Moreover, it is way easier to reach, as you do not have to rent a boat to swim there. The beach is located very close to the city of Makarska, which itself is a worthy spot to sightsee on your trip to Croatia, so we recommend giving this beach a shot while you’re in the area!

Oficina Nacional de Turismo de CroaciaOficina Nacional de Turismo de Croacia

Koversada Beach

Though this beach, similarly to other ones on this list, is not specifically an official nude beach, nudism is tolerated and accepted here, which brings many of the local naturists to its rocky shore. The wild beach is beautifully sprinkled with pine trees and enormous cliffs, as well as some secluded caves, creating a gorgeous mixture that nature lovers will surely admire. The beach is located on the cape of Istria, the biggest peninsula of Croatia. However, prepare not to be the only nude visitor of this beach, as frequently there are large crowds there, especially during the summer season.

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Konobe Beach

If you are looking for a place where your enthusiasm for nude beaches can be shared with others, Konobe beach will definitely be the place to go. Konobe is an official naturist camp, located on the island of Krk and has some of the most gorgeous beaches in all of the country. The fact that the island is a naturist camp scares off many visitors, so crowds are not a problem and you will be sure to find a comfortable spot near the sea. Konobe boasts over one and a half kilometers of coastline, and two of Konobe’s beaches have showers set up, allowing you to refresh yourself after sunbathing or swimming. If you’d rather enjoy some privacy, Konobe has a couple of private beaches too! For a chilled drink or some bear, visit the nearby beach bar Debeljak.

Sovinje Beach

Situated on the southern cape of the Pašman island, Sovinje is another naturist camp where nude beach lovers come to hang out and relax without having to worry that someone will interrupt their stay. The camp owns two long beaches which are sandy - a sight not often spotted in Croatia. Moreover, the beaches reside right on the border of a pine forest, which provides shade if you get tired of the hot sun. If you feel like doing something besides relaxing on the sunny beach, the camp has a plenty of additional activities to do, such as basketball courts, beach volleyball, and table tennis. You can even rent a bike or a boat if you wish so! While you’re there, make sure to visit the nearby ruins of the fortress Pustograd!


Funtana Beach

Similarly to Kamenjak, Funtana is located on the Istria peninsula. The beach is rather long, making it perfect for long walks beside the sea during the evenings, when the dusk reflects off the water, creating a truly picturesque setting. Moreover, apart from the nude beach itself, which is rocky and full of pebbles, there is a special sunbathing area, as well as an area for adolescents, where they can swim without being exposed to anything socially deemed as indecent. Moreover, the Funtana beach boasts a small pet beach where you can bring your dogs to have the time of their life!

Turistička zajednica Općine Kolan - MandreTuristička zajednica Općine Kolan - Mandre

Sveti Duh Beach

While the camp of Sveti Duh is not primarily a nudist destination, since their most popular beach is very popular among nude beach enthusiasts, they treat naturists and nudists in a very friendly manner, allowing them to use the beach however they want. Located on Pag Island, the Sveti Duh camp will not allow you to walk around naked, but on the beach you can be as nude as you want. Similarly with most other camps in Croatia, Sveti Duh also features a bunch of activities to do, as well as some shops and bars to quench your thirst and satisfy your hunger.

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