Top 10 Clubs for Best Nightlife in Barcelona

Barcelona, being one of the most frequently visited tourist destinations not only in Europe, but also in the world, has a lot to offer in terms of its cultural institutions, filled with museums and art galleries. You can also never forget about the gorgeous Barcelonian architecture, with such beauties as the famous La Sagrada Familia, or the beautiful Parc Guell which perfectly showcases Gaudi architecture. The true gem of Barcelona, though, is its vibrant nightlife, as the city is famous all over Europe for its luxurious nightclubs and cozy bars. It is also one of the better places in the world to try some of the more wild cocktails and exotic drinks, as it may surprise even the most experienced club-goers out there. With its abundance of venues to choose from and crazy parties, Barcelona’s nightlife can be a little overwhelming for first-timers. That’s why we have prepared this handy Top 10 Clubs fo Best Nightlife in Barcelona list, which will teach you the best places to visit when clubbing in Barcelona.

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Sala Apolo

If you want to visit one of the most recognized clubs in all of Barcelona, Sala Apolo is definitely a good choice. The club is situated in a now-defunct theatre, which was its main function in the early 20th century. This night club plays almost all varieties of music, ranging from rock to pop to electronic music to vintage, old-fashioned classics. The genres of the music played usually change each night - on Mondays, you can hear some of the classics of rock, along with some pop musicians and indie creators. During the weekends, however, the club transforms into a techno-filled rave house where craziest parties take place. The club is placed within Poble Sec, close to the Avinguda del Parallel. If you are not a fan of the local music, which you should definitely experience first, Sala Apolo offers some international bands as well.

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Pub Crawls

While this one is not a single club per se, it is one of the most famous Pub Crawls within the nightlife in Barcelona. The tour begins at sunset, as the name may suggest, and goes all the way till dawn or until you have had enough. This pub crawl is the most popular one in the city, and is among the best pub crawls in all of Europe. You will be able to see some of the best clubs and bars in Barcelona in one-go, but don’t worry if you want to stay a little longer in one of the clubs - you can always disconnect from the rest of the tour and go make your own nightlife adventure! If you want to party like a true Barcelonian, get your fill at a restaurant prior to going out, try a couple of different bars, find a club to party until it closes, and then have churros for breakfast - the perfect plan!

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The Loft

This one is definitely one of the most popular night clubs in Barcelona, frequented by locals and loved by tourists from around the world. The club is often rated among the top 3 places to party in Barcelona, and it offers a wide variety of music in its many venues - yes, the club has as much as five parts to choose from, all of which differ between themselves. The Loft offers electronic music and rave parties to the tune of techno music, and the Lolita usually hosts very similar parties. The Pop Bar is filled with classic pop music from the turn of the century, and Razz Club features some of the best indie bands around. For the largest music events, we recommend coming to the Rex Room - the main part of the Razzmatazz, which boasts a massive dance floor and crazy music events.

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Sidecar Factory Club

If you want to experience some of the more underground club scenes in Barcelona, we recommend giving the Sidecar Factory Club a go. This unique club is situated within the historical Placa Reial, which is close to many monuments, making this club popular among tourists who have finished their sightseeing late and want to unwind with a drink. The inside of the club is made in a coarse, industrial style with brick walls adding atmosphere as if the club was taken straight from the Victorian times. Besides its popularity among tourists, the Sidecar Factory Club is also a favorite with the locals, who are used to seeing large quantities of tourists inside and are usually friendly, so don’t be afraid to strike up a conversation!



While Razzmatazz and Sala Apolo often host crazy parties with electronic music and heavy crowds of people, Jamboree has a much different tune. Loved by the local hipster population, Jamboree is a more casual place where you won’t have to stress about strict dress code - sneakers and hats are fine. The club is preferable to people who like a more chill and casual experience instead of extremely loud music and crowds of drunk people. Jamboree offers quite a wide selection of music, as it plays many local jazz and R&B bands almost every day. Thursdays are the hip-hop days, when the club invites some of the local rappers to show off their skills, and on the weekends you will find DJ Yoda at the console, playing some of his hits.



Macarena might be the perfect club for you if you abhor crowds of people. While some of the nightclubs in Barcelona are huge venues with thousands of guests every night, this one is a bit more on the smaller side. While Macarena does not have much space, this only makes it feel much more familial to the people of Barcelona, who prefer such small spaces where everyone seems to know each other. If you want to dance, there is a small dance floor, which is usually heavily crowded, but that only adds to the experience of this club. For drinks and beer, look for the bar in the back of the club, as it is sometimes a bit difficult to find. Keep in mind that it is sometimes hard to get inside, since the club is popular and can fit only about fifty people at one time!



Similarly to the Macarena, Moog is a smaller club, critically acclaimed by the lovers of electronic music in Barcelona, which consider it the place where the best electro parties take place. In this club, you may be able to meet some of Barcelona’s young underground crowd, who only stay at their favorite bars. However, this crowd is also widely known as being very friendly and accepting, so do not worry if you do not know anyone at the party - by the end of it you will know half the people in the club! Locals will often invite you to dance or buy you a drink out of the blue, so do not be afraid if someone strikes up a conversation with you at the bar. If you don’t mind spending some time in a crowd, we fully recommend giving Moog a try.

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If you have been to other European countries, chances are you may have already been to or at least seen other Pacha venues out there, since it is a very popular nightclub. The one located just next to the Barceloneta Beach, however, is the most famous of them all, giving locals and tourists refuge from crowded clubs and small venues. There is plenty of room in Pacha for everyone to fit in and the club offers a quieter, casual atmosphere with plenty of tables to find. As Pacha is one of the most famous club brands all over the world, it often hosts renowned bands from overseas. Pacha is also one of the clubs most frequently visited by tourists, so watch out for lines and get to the club as early as possible.

City Hall

Do not get sidetracked by the name of this club, as it is not a landmark to observe in the daylight but rather one of the most popular clubs in Barcelona. The club is located in the very heart of the city, right next to Placa Catalunya, and is a bit more sophisticated than most of the underground clubs in Barcelona. City Hall will be the perfect choice if what you’re looking for is a more refined experience. This colorful element of nightlife in Barcelona features themed nights which change every day of the week, allowing you to witness something new every time you come. There are also frequent live music events, and the club even hosts a world-famous flamenco show. If you are lucky, and pay for the ticket, you might be able to even learn some flamenco moves!


Marula Cafe

If you feel that most of the clubs in Barcelona are too loud and crowded for your taste, Marula Cafe might be just what you’re looking for. The club usually does not feature any electronic music, so you don’t have to worry about walking into a rave. Usually, you will hear a mixture of jazz music with some soul and disco. There are also Afrobeat parties a few times every week, which we recommend visiting. Marula Cafe is located within the Gothic Quarter, making a great location to come to after sightseeing this old-fashioned area of Barcelona. For the most casual atmosphere, we recommend visiting the club during the weekends, as there are much fewer guests inside.

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