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Top 10 Best Paris Disneyland Attractions

Bringing your family to Disneyland is one of the best gifts you can give to your children. It is also the perfect place to propose to your significant other, if you're looking for ideas. If you're living in Europe, Disneyland Paris is the closest of the franchise's theme parks, and is also one of the more affordable ones. The park is filled with thrilling rides, amazing scenography, and skillful actors who immerse themselves into the roles of your favorite movie and cartoon characters. Even the shops at Disneyland are stunning, as they are part of the general scenography of the park, just as every single building is. Even the smoking areas are thematic, changing as you cross through different sections of the park. There are five areas in Disneyland Paris, beginning with Main Street, which is located right after the entrance to the park and mimics a 1950s American town. There is also Frontierland, focused on the exploration of America by pilgrims; Adventureland, which is filled with attractions from the Pirates of the Caribbean; Fantasyland, which is the land of princesses and magical castles; and finally, Discoveryland, which brings together Star Wars and Toy Story. There are so many attractions in Disneyland, there is simply no way to see all of them in a single day. To help you make the best out of your trip, even if you have limited time in the park, we have prepared this list of Top 10 Best Paris Disneyland Attractions, that shows some of the best rides and activities around the park.


The Big Thunder Mountain

The Big Thunder Mountain is one of the most popular rollercoaster rides among all Paris Disneyland attractions. While the lines to Big Thunder Mountain can usually take several hours to get to the ride itself, you won’t get bored during the wait. The line twists and turns around an abandoned mining complex, stylized to resemble an authentic place. You will go through wooden structures to finally descend into the depths of the mine, where you will be taken on a minecart ride through the artificial cave system underground. There are parts of the ride with sharp turns and falls, all in absolute darkness, so don’t freak out if you suddenly change directions. You should also remember to keep your hands close to yourself, as it is especially dangerous in the darkness.


Phantom Manor

If you're not afraid of ghosts and zombies, we wholeheartedly recommend visiting the Phantom Manor during your visit to Disneyland Paris. While it is not a thrilling rollercoaster, the Phantom Manor will definitely keep you on your toes with its optical illusions and state of the art animatronics, all kept in the theme of an abandoned, old-fashioned manor. As you enter the manor, you will be taken by a servant to a circular room, which will suddenly start descending – or maybe ascending? It is hard to tell with all that’s going on in the manor. We won’t spoil the rest of the ride for you, but you can expect a gondola ride through the rooms of the house. You can find the Phantom Manor to the left of the entrance to Frontierland, which can be reached by turning left at the Central Plaza.

Renie Bardau/Associated PressRenie Bardau/Associated Press


Perhaps the most famous of the Paris Disneyland attractions is the Pirates of the Caribbean ride, located within the Adventureland sector of the park, which is right above the Frontierland. The ride has been recently reopened in 2014 after renovation works and can be fully enjoyed once again. The ride, as you may have guessed, is based on the popular Pirates of the Caribbean franchise, and includes such recognizable characters as Captain Jack Sparrow, Captain Barbossa, and even a hologram of Davey Jones. We recommend getting a Fastpass for this one, as the lines can get quite intense, especially in the season. The ride takes place in boats, so keep your electronic devices in your pockets so that they don’t get wet.

Renie Bardau/Associated PressRenie Bardau/Associated Press

Sleeping Beauty Castle

Being a more timid ride, It's a Small World offers a light-hearted adventure for the younger visitors. It's a bit tricky to find, as it lies in a rather unused part of the Disneyland Paris, where there aren't many other attractions. You can find it by using the road that is on the right side of the Sleeping Beauty Castle. The attraction is a slow boat tour, during which you will be taken through scenography of the classic Disney children movies, including animatronics that dance and sing. The attraction has no height restrictions and can be enjoyed by even the youngest guests, as long as they go in with their parents. The ride takes about ten minutes and provides a plenty of opportunities for amazing photos! Keep an eye on your phone, though, so that it does not fall in the water.

Werner TechnologiesWerner Technologies

Star Wars

This ride is one of the newest additions to Disneyland Paris and is located in the Discoveryland sector of the park, located to the right of the Central Plaza. The ride takes place indoors and is features characters and scenes from the Star Wars saga. The Hyperspace Mountain was actually called Space Mountain: Mission 2 before its grand reopening, and was mostly the same but without the Star Wars themed decorations. The entire ride feels like a rollercoaster, but is fully enclosed indoors, so you don’t have to worry about catching a cold due to the blowing wind. The ride is exciting, with many inversions and sharp turns, so make sure you’re up to the challenge!

Endor ExpressEndor Express

Classic Motion Simulation

Located right next to the Star Wars Hyperspace Mountain, this one is one of the most intricate out of all Paris Disneyland attractions. The ride is no rollercoaster, but instead a modern take on the classic motion simulation ride that was insanely popular among theme parks in the early 2000s. We recommend not using the Fastpass for this one, as the line is part of the experience. As you wait for your turn, you will be taken along a replica of a spaceport with life-size replicas of starships from Star Wars. There are also animatronics of R2-D2 and C-3PO there, who are as goofy and entertaining as they are in the movie.


Queen of Hearts

You can’t miss this one – it’s right in the middle of Fantasyland, easily distinguished by the tall hedge surrounding the whole labyrinth. Once inside, you will have to find your way along twisting pathways, filled with decorations and characters from Alice in Wonderland. Your objective is to find the Cheshire Cat, but feel free to explore the whole labyrinth, as it holds many secrets for you to find. There is also the famous castle of the Queen of Hearts right in the middle of the labyrinth, which you can enter to reach a gorgeous observational spot from which you will be able to see most of the theme park.


Pirates of the Caribbean

While this rollercoaster is one of the most thrilling rides in the entire park, you usually won’t have to wait long in the line, as it is located on the outskirts of the park in Adventureland. When you reach the Pirates of the Caribbean ride, keep going until you see a huge temple in the distance. This particular does not feature intricate scenography around the queue, so you can feel free to use your FastPass to limit the waiting time. While the carts of the rollercoaster are not as comfortable as with other rides, the experience is still worth it, as it is one of the fastest coasters in the theme park with loops and both indoors and outdoors parts.

Sleeping Beauty

This one is not a ride per se, but is still one of the most beautiful attractions of the entire Disneyland Paris. This walk-through attraction is located inside of the Sleeping Beauty Castle, which in itself is worth exploring. You can reach the higher floors through a staircase, and those provide a beautiful view of the surrounding landscape. The gallery itself is filled with gorgeous stained windows and displays relating to the story of Sleeping Beauty. Around the castle, you will also be able to find a couple of shops, including a unique jewelry shop that sells licensed Disney jewelry, including beautiful engagement rings.


Peter Pan’s Flight

If you love the story of Peter Pan just as much as we do, you will have tons of fun at Peter Pan’s Flight. The slow ride will take you through the story of Peter Pan, as you might have already guessed, as you move in your floating cart through different scenes from the movie. You will be able to see all of your favorite characters, including Peter Pan himself, but also Captain Hook and the famous crocodile Tick Tock. We recommend using your fastpass with this ride, as it usually has one of the longest lines in the entire park. It’s also one of the attractions that are worth visiting if you’re staying at a Disney hotel and can enter the theme park an hour before the rest, since you can easily spend one to two hours waiting for this ride.

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