Top 10 Best Night Clubs in Barcelona

With its overwhelming historical heritage, gorgeous architecture, and famous seafood-based cuisine, Barcelona is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world, no doubts about that. However, when planning your trip to Barcelona, you shouldn’t skip exploring the true reason Barcelona is as vibrant and colorful a city - its beaming nightlife! Filled with clubs, bars, and pubs, Barcelona is the go-to place in Europe if you’re looking for an exciting time, full of partying and trying out exotic cocktails and drinks. If you think you’ve experienced true nightlife, let us assure you that Barcelona will definitely surprise. However, since there are so many night clubs in Barcelona, choosing which ones to visit may be a tough task. To help you have the best of times in Spain, we have made this Top 10 Best Night Clubs in Barcelona list, filled with exciting places to spend your evenings!

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Even if you have never been to Barcelona, chances are, you have already heard of the famous Razzmatazz. Not only is it considered to be the past place for partying in the whole city, but it is also five clubs made into one. If you're after electronic music and are a fan of techno parties, we encourage you to visit the Loft. The Lolita has a similar tune, filled with house and electropop music. If you're more of an indie person, the Razz Club will be just what you're looking for. Classic pop music? Pick the Pop Bar! However, the most exciting place of all at Razzmatazz is the Rex Room, which is the main club of the venue, consisting of a massive dance floor and frequent live music events. If you're in luck, you might get to see some of your favorite bands there, as it is frequently visited by some of the biggest bands in the world.


Sala Apolo

Moving on, we have the Sala Apolo, which used to be a theatre since the early 20th century. Out of all the night clubs in Barcelona, this one has the most varied music choices, playing different genres every night. On Mondays, you get to hear a classic mixture of rock, pop, and indie. If you’re more of an old-fashioned, vintage person, make sure to visit the club on Thursdays. For the craziest parties and wild crowds, visit the Sala Apolo on weekends when electronic music takes over the former theatre. The night club is also located in a very popular part of the city, Poble Sec, very close to Avinguda del Parallel. Similarly to Razzmatazz’s Rex Room, Sala Apolo frequently hosts international bands, which means you might find something familiar, but there is also a high chance you will discover an entirely new, more local band!

Barcelona homeBarcelona home


If you’re looking for a more chill atmosphere and can’t stand the crowds at rave parties and electronic discos, Jamboree might be one of your go-to night clubs in Barcelona. Do not worry about fancy attire, as you’re not only allowed but even encouraged to wear casual clothes - don’t forget your sneakers! The club plays a mixture of jazz and R&B music, with some hip hop mixed into it. On Thursdays, you might get to enjoy a gig by Flavio Rodriguez, a well-renowned Spanish rapper. If you’re more in tune with urban music, make sure to visit the club during the weekend, when DJ Yoda takes over the console and plays some of his biggest hits. And while Jamboree is all about music, you will find a whole arrangement of refreshing drinks to choose from at the bar.

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Sidecar Factory Club

Located in the picturesque Placa Reial, the Sidecar Factory Club is a true underground night club, if that is what you are looking for. With a unique interior, filled with brick walls and industrial decorations, the club is a perfect spot for catching a local rock band concert or a Spanish DJ showing off his skills. Due to its location, it is a perfect club to hit after an evening of wandering and exploring the city. Sidecar is also loved among locals and you will surely find a friendly group of Barcelonians who will not only show you how to truly party, but also share with you some tips and knowledge about the city. During the season, the club is open through most of the week, except Sundays, from 10 am till 5 am. If you’re visiting Barcelona in winter, the club is still open, but limited to the evenings and nights.



While Macarena’s name may sound a bit cliche, do not get sidetracked by its name. The club is quite small, but, to Barcelonians, that is not a downside, as to them it feels more at home and personal. Moreover, the night club is situated in a former flamenco stage, which only accentuates its familial feeling. The club does host international big-name guests, but you are much more likely to see some resident bands and DJs. With a crowded dance floor and a cozy bar at the back of the club, Macarena is definitely a favorite among the local populations. However, since the club is rather small and can fit about fifty people at most, you will need a significant dose of luck to get into it. If you manage to get inside, though, you will notice the unique atmosphere of the place, where everyone is treated as a friend.

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With a rather confined space, much similar to the Macarena, Moog is known to host some of the best electronic music parties in all of Barcelona. If you are not afraid of rubbing elbows and bumping into strangers on the dance floor, you will surely love your time spent at Moog. The night club draws out the “underground” population of Barcelona, where they love to spend evenings and nights dancing to the music played by local DJs and fraternizing with everybody. Do not be scared if a stranger asks you for a drink or engages in conversation with you right off the bat - that is just part of the beauty of Barcelonian nightlife. With such a close-knit atmosphere, Moog is the perfect place to make new acquaintances and friendships in a city you have never before visited!

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City Hall Barcelona

We understand that not everybody is a fan of experiences that Moog or Macarena may provide, as it can often be quite intimidating, especially for first-time Barcelone visitors. If that is your case, we recommend you visit the City Hall Barcelona. The night club not only hosts DJs and live music events, but also has world-famous shows of Flamenco. You can even join the dance-off and learn some Spanish dance moves if you’re brave enough. City Hall Barcelona is also a famously LGBT-friendly night club and welcomes visitors of all backgrounds and from all over the world. If you’re feeling out of place in other night clubs in Barcelona, you are sure to find friends in the City Hall, who will be happy to show you around!


Pacha is a great night club for those who prefer a more casual, intimate atmosphere. The club has a plenty of enclosed lounges and tables at which you can interact with your friends, without having to engage with the entire club. It is also one of the largest international party venues in the world, frequently hosting bands from overseas and bringing in an immense population of tourists. This makes it a perfect spot for reaching out to other people who are visiting Barcelona for the first time, as most of Pacha’s audience is international. The night club is open throughout the week, starting at 12 am and ending late in the night. You might want to get to the club a bit earlier, though, as it gets crowded very quickly due to its convenient location just beside the Barceloneta Beach.



Enthusiasts of old-fashioned, retro music will definitely find the Marula fitting their preferences, as it is Barcelona’s home of jazz, soul, and disco music. Moreover, you can frequently find some Afrobeat and funk tunes inside, making for killer parties. The club itself is placed in the picturesque Gothic Quarter, which we wholeheartedly recommend seeing for yourself, since it is one of the most unique places in all of Spain. While the dance floor at the Marula Cafe is often crowded and energetic, if you visit the place during the weekend you may find a more casual atmosphere, which will allow you to relax at a table with a drink of your choice, listening to DJs bring out some of the vinyl classics of the previous century.

Magic Club

Last on our list, but definitely just as worth recommending as all the other night clubs in Barcelona, is the Magic Club, which is truly a haven for the rock ‘n’ roll lovers of the city, locals and tourists alike. Leather jackets and tattoos are the leading themes of the club, breaking away from the more hipster vibe most other night clubs give and bringing in a whole crowd of old-school rock freaks. The club has two separate dance floors, both covered in almost absolute darkness. Be wary though - those who frequent the club are notorious techno-haters, so if you are a fan of electronic music, better not to brag about at the Magic Club or you might offend some locals.

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