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Top 10 Best Budget Destinations for Summer Holiday 2020

While there is still plenty of time left until the summer holiday of 2020, it is always better to start preparing early than be sorry later. Organizing and booking your holiday trip months in advance will not only save you the trouble later on, but will also allow you to save some money since hotels and attractions have much lower prices when booked in such an advance. To help you save money further, we have prepared a list of Top 10 Best Budget Destinations for summer holiday in 2020, which will help you pick the perfect place for your trip and save you from overpaying.

The Crazy TouristThe Crazy Tourist


With Greece being one of the most popular choices for the summer holiday, most visitors have a preconceived notion that Greece needs to be expensive. However, there is plenty of islands in Greece which you can visit and have fun at, even with a tight budget. One of such islands is Agistri, which is exceptionally affordable among Greek islands. While being away from bigger cities, it provides a great opportunity to escape crowds and enjoy some tranquility. It is also filled with gorgeous pine forests and the island is widely known for its vibrant nightlife. If you have some spare time, make sure to stop by the Yialos Taverna, known for its tasty local cuisine and low prices. But, above all else, there are plenty of marvelous beaches filled with white sand and surrounded by turquoise water, free of crowds!

Thrifty TravelerThrifty Traveler


Being one of the most common choices for budget holiday, Mexico is preferred by travelers who do not want to spend tens of thousands of dollars on their weekend-long trip. However, if you visit places such as Cabo or Cancun, you can expect the trip to be quite expensive since those are the most popular destinations. Instead, choose a place like Oaxaca City, where there is plenty to learn about Mexican traditions. Oaxaca is probably the best place to visit in Mexico if you're looking to try some of the Mexican cuisine, since it is one of the top culinary destinations in the country. There is also a choice of artisan-quality handmade jewelry, as well as plenty of greenery and beautiful colonial architecture with plenty of colors.

Tour EuropeTour Europe


Croatia has been gaining more and more popularity in recent years, making it one of the most prominent summer holiday destinations in Europe. Unfortunately, that also means that the prices are steadily going up; however, there are still plenty of budget-friendly places in Croatia to visit. Instead of booking a hotel in Dubrovnik or Split, find a smaller town which is sure to have much cheaper accommodation. Moreover, when moving between the islands of Croatia, make sure to organize your own transportation. Do not buy a transportation package, since those are usually heavily overpriced, and buy separate single tickets instead, which takes some more time but will save you loads of money. Finally, make sure to try some of the local street food - it's a tasty and cheap alternative to fine-dining.

Discovery komodoDiscovery komodo


Indonesia is the dream holiday destination for many. Who wouldn’t want to spend their summer holiday at a beach in Bali, sipping a drink and sunbathing on white sand? However, Bali is not all that Indonesia has to offer. If you’re looking for an affordable alternative, make sure to go a little further east. There, you will find Nusa Tenggara archipelago, which is free of Bali crowds. Moreover, the whole archipelago has a more natural look to it, as it is covered with thick jungles, giving it a primitive vibe. In addition to gorgeous beaches and crystal-clear water, you will find some of the best diving spots Indonesia has to offer at Nusa Tenggara, and both diving lessons and snorkeling tours are way cheaper than you would expect of Bali. Try to see the Komodo National Park if you can to see the komodo dragons in all their glory!

Inspirations Travel & ToursInspirations Travel & Tours


If you want to combine gorgeous beaches with plenty of landmarks and historical architecture to sightsee, you might want to give Turkey a go during your summer holiday 2020. Cities like Istanbul are sprinkled with gorgeous mosques, showcasing some of the region's architecture, and they are surrounded by stunning landscapes, filled with mountains and green shrubbery. Moreover, Turkey is known all around the world for its unique cuisine - you absolutely have to try a Turkish breakfast, we guarantee you will love it. If you have more of a sweet tooth, make sure to try the famous Turkish sweets, such as Baklava, Lokum, Asure, and Sutlac - the Turkish rice pudding.



“But wait, Spain is so expensive” is probably what you’re thinking right now; however, it does not have to be expensive if you travel smart! Sure, Madrid and Barcelona are both marvelous cities to explore, but Spain has much more to offer than just those two. For example, by visiting Cantabria, you can save a lot of money on both attractions and accommodation, while still enjoying your trip just as much. The community of Cantabria is filled with vibrant wildlife, with a plenty of parks and nature reserves where you can admire it for free. Moreover, Cantabria is known for its beautiful sandy beaches, which are usually mostly empty even in high season, since most tourists do not know of this place. If you happen to visit the city of Santander, make sure to try the best tapas in the city at Casa Lita - great food and affordable prices!



Italy? On a budget? Sure, why not! There is more to explore in Italy than just Rome and Venice, and Bologna is exactly one of those - a perfect destination for a summer holiday trip on a tight budget in 2020. If you want to see all that Bologna has to offer, definitely start with food. Tortellini, mortadella, prosciutto, and, of course, bolognese - these all stem from this region of Italy, and Bologna offers plenty of affordable options both for eating and for learning how to cook those yourself! Aside from all the culinary stuff, there is a lot to see and do in the city. Just by going through the streets you might notice a number of stunning historical buildings and landmarks, all painted in different shades of red and yellow. If you prefer art to simple architecture, make sure to visit Palazzo Fava - a famous museum with a huge collection of medieval art.


New Zealand

While New Zealand isn’t the most budget-friendly place you may find on the globe, it is actually much more affordable than you might think while still being a worthy destination to visit. We would recommend trying backpacking through New Zealand, starting at Queenstown, since there is a number of cheap hostels with friendly staff which will always advise you on where to head on next; however, if you would prefer a more relaxing, stationary holiday 2020, there is also a variety of mid-range hotels to choose from. Queenstown is also a perfect destination if you are a thrill-seeker, with plenty of attractions like bungee jumping, skiing, parachute jumping, horseriding, and much more!


South Africa

With heavily varied fauna and flora, South Africa is a majestic place to visit, filled with national parks, most of which are free to visit. While plane tickets to South Africa are usually a bit more expensive than average, the prices of accommodation and attractions are much cheaper than at most of the world’s popular tourist spots, and since South African Rand is on the decrease, you might find the prices even lower in 2020. When it comes to attractions, South Africa offers a huge array of various safari trips and diving adventures, and with a coastline stretching for almost 2,000 miles (2,850 kilometers), you will certainly be able to find a secluded beach for a peaceful swim in the ocean, as well as well-organized diving tours which will showcase you the underwater wildlife.

Australia Backpackers GuideAustralia Backpackers Guide


Last, but definitely not least of our recommendations, is Australia. Keep in mind, that Australia in itself is not a cheap country. Tourists often underestimate the prices in Australia, spending way more than they originally planned. However, if you avoid the most popular tourist destinations like Sydney, the trip can be definitely finalized on a much tighter budget. In general, if you want to save money, stick to the west coast. You can often find an affordable hostel with private rooms starting from $50 AUD (approx. $35 USD) per night. Also, avoid most full-day or multi-day trips, as these are known to swindle naive tourists. Instead, organize your own trips, book tickets for attractions in advance, and avoid restaurants for tourists. This way, you can enjoy most of what Australia has to offer while still saving money in the process!

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