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Top 10 Best Beach Clubs on Mallorca

Mallorca is one of the most frequently attended holiday destinations out there, and there are plenty of valid reasons why it is so. For one, Mallorca is gorgeous throughout the whole year, from January till December, and usually, the coldest it gets is around 10 degrees celsius over the winter. However, temperatures quickly rise back to around 20 degrees in February, and, moreover, the almonds start blossoming, which provides a marvelous atmosphere and a truly picturesque landscape. But the cream of the crop are the beach clubs on Mallorca, also known as "chiringuitos", which make spending time at the beach an even more amazing experience. Since those are so popular on Mallorca, we have prepared for you a list of Top 10 Best Beach Clubs on Mallorca, to help you skip the mediocre ones and focus only on the absolute best!

Barbuda Beach Bar & GrillBarbuda Beach Bar & Grill

Barbuda Beach Bar & Grill

Its menu filled with amazing chicken, salmon, pizza, tuna, steaks and more, the Barbuda Beach Bar & Grill is one of the most well-recognized chiringuitos on Mallorca, with plenty of positive reviews to back its renown. Located in Palmanova, the beach club features mostly Mediterranean cuisine, backed with seafood, traditional Spanish dishes, and some barbecue-style items. They also have plenty of vegan and gluten-free options, so if you prefer to stray away from animal products or are allergic to gluten, you won't be disappointed. When visiting Barbuda, make sure to try some of their famous steaks, as the club has been rated the #1 steakhouse in all of Palmanova. With friendly staff, frequently admired by the reviewers online, fantastic atmosphere, tasty food, and affordable prices, the Barbuda is a great place to visit for both its cuisine and its colorful cocktails served at the bar.

Bondi Beach MagalufBondi Beach Magaluf

Bondi Beach bar

Situated in the beautiful city of Magaluf, the Bondi Beach bar is a bit on the more expensive side, but the expense is well worth it, considering it is one of the best beach clubs on Mallorca. Adored by both locals and tourists alike, the Bondi Beach bar has all the qualities a good chiringuito should have - amazing views, delicious food, and fancy cocktails. If you want to spend a nice evening on a gorgeous beach with a tasty drink in your hand, watching the Mallorcan sunset, Bondi Beach bar is definitely the place to go. Huge portions and homemade food bring hundreds of people every day, so prepare to spend some time waiting in the queue, which sometimes can get quite extensive! Did we mention that the bar also features vegetarian and vegan-friendly options? Take a trip to Bondi Beach and see it for yourself!

Powder BluePowder Blue

Oceans Beach Club

Being considerably cheaper than the previous spot on the top 10 list, Oceans Beach Club can be a good choice if you're trying to spend your holidays without paying exorbitant prices. This one is also located on Magaluf, so if you are feeling adventurous, make sure to pay both clubs a visit, since they each have a vastly different demeanor. This club even has a pool on its premises, so you don't have to walk too far to the coast to get a swim. If you're looking for a premium experience, make sure to reserve your own private king-sized Bali bed, where you can sit and relax while the friendly servers take your orders and bring you exquisite cocktails. Or maybe you're with a bigger group, or are you planning a party with your friends? In that case, make sure to check the VIP packages, as well as large group packages, since those can really cut the price down further, even though Oceans is not that expensive, to begin with!

Helene RHelene R

Blue Bar

Taking a detour from Magaluf, let’s focus on the town of Portocolom now, the hidden gem of which is the Blue Bar. While it is definitely less known than some of the entries on this list, it is that exclusivity which makes it an amazing place to visit. Adored by locals and mostly forgotten by the tourists, Blue Bar is the perfect place to unwind in peace and tranquility, since the crowds of foreigners usually prefer the more well-known places in town. The club provides a very intimate atmosphere, placed by the shore and adorned with candles. They even have their own sightseeing vista point, where you can take a gander at the beautiful harbor and the sandy beach. The food is mostly oriented around seafood, so if you are a fan of shrimp, lobster, oysters, and such, you will definitely find something on the menu that will suit your palate.

Saborea MallorcaSaborea Mallorca

Cala Sa Nau

If sandy beaches and crystal-clear water are what you’re looking for from your visit to Mallorca, visiting Cala Sa Nau will bring you both, along with great food and some fancy drinks and cocktails to sip. Cala Sa Nau is located in the town of Felantix, right on the beach just a few steps from the water. You can even rent a sunbed if you do not have your own, or if there are just too many people on the beach to find an empty spot. Speaking about crowds, make sure to always make a reservation when visiting Chiringuito de Cala Sa Nau, since the place can get quite packed, especially during the evenings when there are frequent live music events and parties with DJs. When it comes to their menu, Cala Sa Nau offers a wide array of beers, wines, and cocktails, along with tasty ice-cream and tapas for brunch or paellas and barbecue if you’re really hungry.


Roxy Beach

Built on its own private pier at the Puerto Portals beach in Portals Nous, the Roxy Beach is often considered as not only the best chiringuito in town, but also on the entire island, making definitely one of the best beach clubs in Mallorca to visit on your holiday trip. Even though the club is often packed, especially in high season, the friendly staff will always try to find you a place to sit, and contrary to most other chiringuitos on Mallorca, the Roxy Beach stays open even during the morning, making it a great place to stop by for a cup of coffee or a glass of freshly squeezed juice. The road to the proper bar, coming downhill, is filled with sightseeing spots which give you a great look at either the city of Portals Nous, or at the harbor and the beach.

Powder BluePowder Blue

s'Embat beach club

Placed right on the verge of Ses Covetes beach in Mallorca, the s'Embat beach club is not only a picturesque location close to the beach, but it also serves some of the best pamboli in the entire region. If you're wondering what pamboli are, they are traditional Mallorcan sandwiches, made with pieces of freshly baked bread with Jamon Serrano, cheese, olives, and other toppings which differ throughout the island. The online reviewers also frequently praise their barbecue and paella, making it a great place to enjoy some seafood along with a live music event. You can either sit at one of the tables of s'Embat, but those are usually packed full, so your best bet will probably be to order something to eat or drink and head out to the beach, which is the preferable choice anyway!


Il Chiringo

Taking a trip back to Palmanova, let’s mention Il Chiringo, a tiny yet very popular bar, located right in the middle of Palmanova beach. The bar is open from 10 am till midnight every day, which means you can usually avoid the crowds which flood the bar during the evenings. There is also another benefit of visiting Il Chiringo during the day - happy hours! All the drinks and most of the food come in way cheaper in the middle of the day. The place is also very kid-friendly, as you can chill and relax with some tasty food while your children play on the beach right next to you. The beach is also guarded by lifeguards 24/7, so your kids can play safely without you worrying about their well-being.


Royal Beach Gastrosenses

When visiting the northwest of Mallorca, the Royal Beach Gastrosenses is one of the most critically-acclaimed beach bars in Playa de Muro. They serve some of the best of what Mediterranean cuisine has to offer, with tasty fish and delicious mussels. Royal Beach also offers plenty of loungers on which you can relax with a drink or a cocktail. Speaking about drinks, the reviewers often praise the bar's choice of alcohol, which is always top-shelf and makes for very luxurious and exotic mixtures. Moreover, the Royal Beach runs frequent live music events, with a little twist. Unlike most other chiringuitos, which only bring local artists, the Royal Beach often features foreign artists from all over the world, allowing you to hear traditional tunes from regions you might not ever get a chance to visit!

Powder BluePowder Blue

Floridita Beach Bar

Last, but definitely not least, we present to you the Floridita Beach Bar, located on the sandy beach of Puerto Alcudia. Interestingly enough, the place is not famous for its cuisine or cocktails (which are also great, don't get us wrong!), but for its delicious ice cream. Shakes, smoothies, and sundaes served here are praised by both locals and tourists alike. If you're in for something more substantial to eat, the Floridita Beach Bar also serves a tasty mix of Mediterranean food, featuring elements of both Spanish and Italian cuisine. The prices at Floridita are very affordable, so you do not have to worry about your holiday budget while relaxing here. The location of the bar is stunning, placed on the beach itself, which will surely make for some gorgeous souvenir photos!

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