Top 10 World’s Most Extravagant Casino Resorts

In past, gambling was a kind of entertainment exclusive to nobility. But everything changes and everyone gambles today. It means that minor casinos are located in most big cities but not all of them deserve to be on the list of best casinos. In some places in the world, you can visit large casino resorts with a lavish gambling space as well as hotel and dining services. None of them is an option for those who prefer cheap traveling but if you seek prestigious services, we want to offer you a list of top 10 casino resorts that are worth your attention.

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Caesar’s Palace (Las Vegas, Nevada)

As one of the most famous casinos in the world, Caesar’s Palace became a true Las Vega’s trademark. Its name refers, of course, to the times of ancient Rome, which is reflected in clas-sical architecture, Roman baths and many other features. Gamblers from all around the world visit this extravagant place and spend their long hours, spending their money on poker, roulette or blackjack. The vast gaming space accommodates innumerable adventure-seekers every year. It amounts to 166,000 square feet, which makes it one of the biggest. Once you get tired of playing, you can check in one of 3,348 guest rooms, including luxurious suites. Caesar’s Palace offers as well its unique dining options, which include 25 cafes and restaurants. Don’t forget to visit Qua Bath & Spa recommended by many visitors. This location also hosts 160 retailers where you can do the shopping.

Caesars PalaceCaesars Palace

Marina Bay Sands (Singapore)

How could we forget about the most expensive casino resort ever launched? It’s worth $8 bil-lion and you can’t say it’s overrated. This resort is considered as one of the vital attractions of Singapore and it regularly attracts an abundance of tourists. Probably, it’s most famous for its three colossal towers that were designed to resemble card decks. But of course, you don’t go to Singapore just to look at some sky-scrapers. If you’ve decided to spend your time and mon-ey in Marina Bay Sands, you may be interested in diving into the largest infinity pool in the world. Or maybe do you prefer something more classy like a theatre or museum? That’s good, they also wait for you to visit them. Make sure to have a drink in one of the prestigious bars and try local food in a luxurious restaurant.

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The Venetian Macao (Macau, China)

When somebody recommends you to visit The Venetian casino, they probably don’t suggest a trip to Venice. This casino is located in the Chinese region of Macau and is special for a couple of reasons. First of all, don’t get scared by its gigantic size. The Venetian Macao is the biggest casino on the whole planet. It means that gamblers have an extensive area at their disposal but obviously such a resort must offer attractive accommodation options. There, you’ll be able to sleep in one of the 3,000 hotel rooms. Naming this resort Venetian wasn’t just a caprice. It features artificial canals that look like those in Venice. Don’t worry, it’s not only the look. You’ll be also able to have a gondola trip, which won’t be less romantic than¬¬ in Venice, so you can feel as if you were on genuine Italian travel.

Sands ChinaSands China

Resort Worlds (Sentosa, Singapore)

It’s the second Singapore casino resort on this list but don’t you think it’s less luxurious. In fact, it’s as impressive as the most famous Vegas casinos and it stupefies visitors with its magical atmosphere. Sentosa is a relatively small island located south of Singapore. It’s a great option for those who dream about tropical holidays, taking into account all of the attractions this resort offers. Among them, you can name a large casino complex with 2,400 slot machines and a wa-ter park. Swimming in such an extravagant place guarantees strong emotions, so don’t forget your swimwear! There’s also a marine life park, where you learn about the life of sea creatures. Apart from the overwhelming dose of entertainment, on Sentosa, you’ll surely find peace and tranquility. Why is it so obvious? Well, the name of this island itself means “peace and tranquili-ty” in Malay, so how could you have any doubts?

Singapore Press HoldingsSingapore Press Holdings

Palms Casino Resort (Las Vegas, Nevada)

We may have forgotten that Las Vegas is the world’s capital of casinos, so let’s come back to this lively city. Although it’s not the biggest one, Palms Casino Resort has a special vibe that attracts travelers not only from the United States but actually all four corners of the world. One of the most peculiar buildings you’ll find there is a hotel that offers you Barbie-themed suites. It’s decorated with pink cushions, chairs and artworks inspired by the world of this famous doll. It provokes mixed feelings but it’s definitely something that stands out among other hotels, which offer typical rooms identical to those you’ve seen many times.


The Wynn Las Vegas (Las Vegas, Nevada)

That’s the last Las Vegas casino here but definitely not the least. It’s a relatively new casino because it was open in 2005 when the gambling business golden age had already passed. However, it’s a place that attracts numerous gamblers from the four corners of the world. Of course, gambling isn’t the only attraction that this resort offers to you. If you are a compulsive shopper, you’ll be excited by 75,000 square feet (about 23 square meters) of space dedicated to retail sale. If you want to do some sport, the resort hosts a professional golf course, where you can check your fitness.

Rachel Aston / Las Vegas Review-JournalRachel Aston / Las Vegas Review-Journal

Sun City Casino Resort (South Africa)

When you think about the most famous and luxurious casinos you probably imagine China or Las Vegas, but on the African continent, you can find gambling emotions as well. Sun City Ca-sino Resort was built in a similar style as those that you know from Nevada and Macau. It was founded in the 70s in the times of apartheid. Since that time it’s developed significantly becom-ing one of the top casinos in the world. It hosts several premium hotels and a number of attrac-tions for guests from all around the world. The gaming space hosts more than 850 slot ma-chines and almost 40 gaming tables where you can play blackjack, stud poker, Punto Baccarat or American roulette. But don’t forget it’s Africa, so you can count on typical African attractions there such as a safari in a private game reserve that belongs to the resort.


The Grand Lisboa (Macau, China)

Does the name of The Grand Lisboa remind you of Lisbona? That’s good because its name is supposed to refer to this Portuguese city. What’s the connection? Well, in past Macau was a colony that belonged to Portugal. Today it’s famous for its luxurious hotels, casinos and other facilities. The Grand Lisboa is a resort that offers you high-end hotel services with richly deco-rated suites that are equipped with everything that a demanding person should expect. The building itself was designed to resemble a birdcage, but it doesn’t mean you’ll feel imprisoned. In fact, it is the casino located there that makes people truly free.

Chaine Des RotisseursChaine Des Rotisseurs

Desert Cave Hotel (Australia)

Australia – the land of kangaroos, koala bears and huge spiders. Who said that it cannot be also the land of casinos? Desert Cave Hotel is everything that a gambler needs. Apart from a large casino, it offers you various stores, where you can do the shopping and buy unique goods that you won’t find in your location. This casino is open for everyone who looks for the adrenaline rush and new experiences. Once you finish your poker game, you should eat some-thing and provide some relaxation to your body. The first need will be easily met in one of the restaurants owned by the hotel, but what about pleasing your body? When you think that your muscles are too tense, go and visit a spa. Its staff will provide you a premium service that will only reinforce the positive emotions that this place will bring to you.

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Foxwoods Resort Casino (Ledyard, Connecticut)

Ladies and gentlemen, let us present the biggest casino in the world. In Foxwoods Resort Ca-sino, you can play 17 different kinds of table games and visit one of the biggest bingo halls in the world. What’s really appealing is that the resort isn’t totally adult-only. If you consider taking your children with you, don’t hesitate. Take the whole family and go to a two-story arcade that will offer you a whole day of great fun. Do you want to know how big is the gaming space lo-cated in this world-biggest casino resort? Its size is as big as 4.7 million square feet (about 5.2 million square meters). This space is distributed across six casinos. If you prefer solo games, you can use one of the gaming machines that will guarantee you relief during a lonely night. You don’t have to worry that all of them will be taken because there are over 7,000 of them, so you’ll surely find one for yourself.

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