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15 Top Destinations for a Beach Wedding

Is your big day coming? You want to get married to the person you love so you need to make sure that the wedding day must be both festive and romantic. Maybe you think that a wedding party in a tradi-tional hotel or restaurant is too ordinary, so you look for something exotic. Is there anything more ex-otic than a tropical beach? Here we present a list of 15 best destinations for a beach wedding, so that you can choose the one that suits you the most. If you don’t know how beach wedding ceremonies should be organized, this list mentions also resorts that take care of everything.

Wedding SpotWedding Spot

Horseshoe Bay Beach (Bermuda)

Are you an aesthete? Then you must love a perfect combination of colors. Once you’re in Horseshoe Bay Beach, you’ll be shocked by how turquoise Atlantic waters suit pink sand. This visual impression can’t be compared to anything you’d see in your daily urban life. It’s a unique piece of paradise, which makes it a great place for a wedding. If you set your heart on spending the rest of your life with the on-ly person you truly love, then you know that your wedding must be a perfect and memorable day. Horseshoe Bay Beach is one of the best photo spots in Bermuda, so you can be sure that your wedding pictures will be an outstanding part of your photo book.


White Bay Beach (Peter Island, British Virgin Islands)

You must’ve heard about the British Virgin Islands, so you know that their picturesque scenery is one of the most marvelous views in the world. It comes as no surprise that it’s also an excellent place for a beach wedding. Located on Peter Island White Bay Beach is probably the most romantic place on the whole archipelago. The atmosphere that its white sand and magnificent blue water reinforce the emo-tions that newlyweds feel when they look at new rings on their fingers. There, you’ll also be able to en-joy special attractions such as scuba diving and sailing excursions. This is a great option for those who want their wedding to be truly adventurous.


Bavaro Beach (Punta Cana, Dominican Republic)

Organizing a wedding on the Caribbean Islands may not seem the cheapest, but in fact, The Dominican Republic is said to be a really affordable beach destination as far as this part of the world is concerned. Of course, affordable doesn’t mean cheesy. The beauty of Dominican beaches is still astonishing and it touches even the toughest guys. Crystal blue waters of the Caribbean Sea and exotic palms create mag-ical scenery, so you can count on an extremely romantic experience. You and the person you love will never forget the thrill of celebrating your newly found happiness in such a heavenly land. You’ll surely want to come back there. Maybe that’s a good idea for the honeymoon?

Beat My PathBeat My Path

Seven Mile Beach (Grand Cayman)

What would be your thoughts if somebody asked you to imagine a beautiful tropical landscape? What-ever you’d make up, the Caymans is the place where your mental pictures would come true. Strong and majestic palm trees are marvelous when we look at them on the clear blue background. It’s an unusual place, so you should spend your wedding in an unusual way. Dancing and feasting is not everything you can do during your beach wedding (Although it’s still vital!). Go snorkeling, windsurfing or parasailing. The best option would be to try everything that this place offers to you and then choose yourself what excites you the most. Make sure to visit Stingray City and experience close contact with real stingrays.

Cayman CompassCayman Compass

Sugar Beach (St. Lucia)

You can trust the name of Sugar Beach and be sure that your wedding will be genuinely sweet. This crescent beach is located on the southwest coast of St. Lucia. The soft white sand is a defining charac-teristic of this beach. It would be a lie if we told you that whiteness is everything you can see there. The beach is nestled between Gros Piton and Petit Piton which are verdant peaks that make the landscape breathtaking. Can you imagine such views during your beach wedding? Probably you can, but imagina-tion is not enough to understand the beauty and majesty of Sugar Beach. You must experience it your-self but once you do, it’ll exceed all of your expectations.


Xanadu Island Resort (Belize)

Rainforests of Belize are known to be one of the most beautiful tropical areas. Let’s not forget, how-ever, that the atmosphere of this wonderful island consists of many more elements, such as Mayan ru-ins and the famous barrier reef, which is the second largest in the world. If you decide to organize your wedding there, you should choose the beach as its central location. Xanadu Island Resort is a stone’s throw from San Pedro, so you may find comfort in being close to civilization. Among unforgettable at-tractions that you can count on in this place are swimming underneath waterfalls and snorkeling around the Belize barrier reef.

Hotels by DroneHotels by Drone

Makena Cove Beach (Maui, Hawaii)

Located in Maui, Makena Cove Beach is one of the most amazing destinations for the wedding of your dreams. Let the beautiful teal waters and palm trees waving on the wind impress you. It’s obvious that we want to share beautiful moments with people we love. It means that such a heavenly place as this beach would be perfect for a date, let alone a wedding. Take off your shoes, take your new wife or husband by the hand, and feel the soft sand under your feet. Watch the horizon as the sunset paints the water surface with gold and let romanticism escalate.


Cannon Beach (Cannon Beach, Oregon)

If you have always wanted to visit Oregon but you’ve never had the opportunity, we have a suggestion for you: plan your wedding there! Obviously, this state is not the tiniest one, so it offers a lot of wed-ding services. But there is one place in Oregon, where your wedding ceremony will truly be unique. It’s Cannon Beach. It’s close to the town of the same name, which makes it a nice idea for those couples who find tropical beach weddings a bit too extreme.

Renee RoamingRenee Roaming

Seven Mile Beach (Negril, Jamaica)

Seven Mile Beach is the longest sandy coastline of Jamaica, where you can plan your fabulous wedding. In this extraordinary place, you’ll find a couple of tourist resorts that will offer you premium accommo-dation and dining service. Seven Mile Beach is also known for the performances of live reggae bands. Have you ever thought about having a wedding party with reggae music? Maybe it wouldn’t be a prob-lem to find such services in a random American or European city, but only in Negril can you count on a real Jamaican experience. You can be sure that you as well as your guests will fall in love with the local music and nobody will force them to leave the dance floor.

Trunk Bay Beach (St. John, U.S. Virgin Islands)

It’s not the first time we mention the Virgin Islands on this list. You should know that those islands be-longing to the UK are not the only interesting beach wedding destinations. St. John, a territory belong-ing to the United States, can participate in the contest for the best photo spot in the world. In all likeli-hood, it would win one of the main prizes. That’s not an exaggeration – the water boasts all shades of blue and the sand is softer than the best cheesecake you’ve ever eaten. This island hosts an underwater national park, where you can observe authentic coral fish. That’s a great idea for an excursion that the newlyweds will enjoy.

Greg Allen/NPRGreg Allen/NPR

Islamorada (Florida Keys)

There are people who dream about exotic experiences but aren’t convinced to visit any island located in the middle of nowhere. If you’re one of them, maybe you should consider a trip to Florida? Have you ever heard the expression “America’s Caribbean”? There are solid reasons for calling Florida Keys this way. The beaches that are located there astound people with their fresh breeze and golden sun rays. If you and your sweetheart plan to get married, you surely deserve a romantic celebration. Islamorada is a place where you can hope for not only romanticism but also great fun and relaxation. What’s best, you don’t have to organize everything yourself. Morada Bay Resort is glad to offer you customized wedding packages, which include everything your wedding needs to be perfect.


Batibou Beach (Dominica)

Let’s come back to the Caribbean Sea. Whenever you talk about tropical destinations, you cannot for-get about this corner of the earth. It would take the whole day (or more) to discuss all of the awesome places located on this or that Caribbean island. But we can try to find those that are especially worth-visiting and one of them is certainly Batibou Beach. Located on the most mountainous isle in the east-ern Caribbean, Dominica is known for marvelous waterfalls, black and golden beaches and boiling vol-canic pools (can it get any hotter?). Having a wedding celebration in such a place just can’t go wrong.

Secret BaySecret Bay

Ocracoke Island (Outerbanks, North Carolina)

We can leave tropical islands alone for a moment and check what the United States can offer you. It seems that North Carolina gives you another tempting opportunity to have the wedding of your dreams. The place where you’ll find the unrepeatable atmosphere and romantic potential is known as Ocracoke Island. It’s located in North Carolina’s Outer Banks, so you can be sure that it’s far enough from the urban turmoil. Many people have chosen this island as their wedding destination and they could attest that satisfaction is guaranteed.

Nexstar IncNexstar Inc

Maroma Beach (Riviera Maya, Mexico)

Mexico is a country that attracts innumerable tourists yearly due to its appealing climate and its pre-colonial history. Traces of the Mayan civilization provokes millions of people to think and fantasize about those times. Their ruins are located in various parts of Mexico, one of which is Riviera Maya – as the name suggests. Of course, the ruins are not the only wonderful attraction of this place. Maroma Beach is a perfect place for a wedding thanks to its scenic views that comprise pale sand, green sway-ing palms and the gorgeous teal waters. This beauty makes it one of the best wedding spots in the whole country.

Loco GringoLoco Gringo

Coronado Island (San Diego, California)

Coronado Island is the last American spot on this list. Since we brought up the United States and the subject of beaches, it wouldn’t be fair not to mention California. This state is the king of all American beaches. If you plan your wedding in San Diego, make sure to use services offered by Hotel del Coro-nado, which has been meeting its guests’ expectations for a long time. Coronado Island is known for its beautiful sunsets, which even led to the tradition of observing them together and even clapping. What’s more romantic than watching a gorgeous sunset with the person you’ve just married.

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