Are you planning a trip abroad, a quick city break or are you just curious about the weather and climate in someplace in the world? You've come to the right place! Here you will find all the climate information you need in all regions and countries of the world. We collect the most up-to-date information and statistics to ensure that the climate information you find here is always accurate and useful. See for yourself - find a country that interests you and, within mere moments, learn everything about its climate, rainfall, sunshine or weather in general!

There is no shortage of weather and climate information available on the internet, but if you've ever looked for climate advice, you certainly know that not all sources are reliable. The opinions of tourists regarding the climate or weather in a given country do not provide reliable data - we live in a time of a rapidly changing climate and unstable weather. You can't base decisions about your departure or journey on someone else's individual experience, right? Pages that do not follow the climate changes regularly and do not update their content are equally useless. The changing climate means that you have to analyse data every day, not every few years - and there is no shortage of pages with outdated information. With us, you don't have to worry about this type of problems. We will help you decide when is the best time to visit a given country. We take into account all aspects of your stay and climate - are you interested in the peak season and the highest temperature, or maybe you want to enjoy the peace and lower prices? Here you will find out when to go to your desired place to fully enjoy your stay!

We have years of experience in studying climate information and then processing it and providing to our audience in the most comprehensive, yet easy-to-understand way. We know what to focus on and what is of interest for a typical traveller. We want everyone to be able to come to our website in the search of climate information and find what he wants to know within short minutes of his arrival. Here you will find information on the number of rainy days, sea temperature, air temperature, general climate, number of sunny days, average temperature and more. Depending on the region that you’re interested in, we also provide region-specific climate details – for example regarding tropical rains, monsoon rains and tropical cyclones, amount others. We keep track of the most crucial information and statistics from every region that you can find on this website, assess it and do our best to provide the most accurate predictions based on that. These days, you can’t rely on simple word of mouth when it comes to climate and weather.

The best user experience of our guests is our main priority. We want to spare you the trouble of looking all around the Internet for precise and relevant climate information. No longer do you have to waste countless hours on gathering bits and pieces of climate information, the best time to visit, when is it a high season and low season and similar details. With our convenient functionality, you gain easy and instant access to all the information about the weather in any country in the world!

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FAQs about Climates

  • Will I find climate information for all places in the world on this website?

    We do our best to include all the most popular tourist destinations on our website.

  • What kind of information about the climate can I read here?

    Among other, climate descriptions include the number of sunny days, average rainfall, average temperatures, general climate information as well as climate events typical of the places, such as tornadoes or cyclones.

  • Do you update your climate information regularly?

    Yes – our goal is to include accurate, up-to-date information only, and that is why we update the climate information you can find here daily.

  • I cannot find information about a certain region - why is this?

    We strive to provide information on the climate of all popular places in the world on our website, but we may have missed some. If you have not found a place that interests you, contact us and we will add it!

  • What do you base your climate information on?

    We gather our information from many sources, including data from meteorologists, locals, opinions and statistical data.

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