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Top 20 Best Truck Stop Locations in the USA

Unless we are robots, we need some rest and recreation. It holds the same for truck drivers, who spend even whole days behind the wheel. Fortunately, there are places known as truck stops, which can offer everything that a trucker needs. However, it may be problematic to find the nearest truck stop and even if you do find it, it may turn out that it doesn’t have the amenities you need. But don’t you worry! Here we present the 20 best truck stop locations in the United States, where you’ll be able to buy fuel, wash your car, spend the night and many more.


Dysart’s Truck Stop (Bangor, Maine)

Northeastern truckers know Dysart’s Truck Stop very well. They also know that a local bakery offers them delicious baked goods that are known as a perfect way to start a day. There, a trucker can find all basic amenities such as a travel store, repair services, shower and an arcade room. Feel free to try some of the most famous seafood dishes such as fish and chips or haddock chowder. It’s definitely the best place for truckers to stop in Maine. If you're on the road and you realize that you've missed something, you don't need to panic and drive back. You can be sure that Dysart's Truck Stop will satisfy all of your needs.

Paul SullivanPaul Sullivan

Speedway (Disputanta, Virginia)

This truck stop chain is truly one of the largest in the United States. It’s also extremely successful but there is only one way to check if they live up to their reputation. Stop there and find yourself. As a truck driver, you deserve a rest to recharge your batteries and clear your mind. This place offers more than a hundred parking lots, where you can leave your truck for the night. Do you often get hungry behind the wheel? Forget about chips and chocolate bars. In Speedway you can visit a real restaurant and eat a nutritious hot meal that will give you a decent load of energy. Before you hit the road, buy additional fuel and drink a hot coffee in the morning. Maybe you'll also meet some nice drivers who'll make your stay much more pleasant and entertaining. It's probably not the best place to start a friendship, but it's still great to have a nice conversation.

Transport TopicsTransport Topics

Alamo Plaza (Nevada)

If you happen to drive through Nevada, wondering what truck stop is the nearest to your location, the most probable answer to your question is Alamo Plaza. This large chain has truck stops in the whole state. It has a casino, where you’ll be able to relax with the roulette but also have the opportunity to win a jackpot. If you’re not into a fierce rivalry, you can use one of the slot machines available and re-lax on your own. If you need to stretch your body a bit, go to a fitness room to get some weight lifting and cardio. Some locations owned by Alamo Plaza offers you an on-site barbershop, so you won’t need to shave in the bathroom. But if you choose an active pastime, remember not to get too much tired. You must be still in a good shape if you want to continue your tasks (especially when there are still many miles ahead of you).

Jim Allen/FreightwavesJim Allen/Freightwaves

North Forty Truck Stop (Holladay, Tennessee)

North Forty Truck Stop is the perfect idea for spending the night. Why? Because of what you can expect the next day. This truck stop offers you a premium breakfast service. A special breakfast offer is availa-ble from 5 am to 11 am every day! Of course, the morning will finally come to an end, so you’ll have to get up and spend your free time in another way. Visit a game room and entertain yourself until you’re relaxed and satisfied. If you can’t bear the idea of missing your favorite show or news, there is a tv room for you. Apart from entertainment, North Forty Truck Stop gives you the opportunity for a bit of self-care. Take your clothes to the laundromat and take a hot shower so you can feel fresh and ready for getting behind the wheel again.

Maricela Rodriguez/Valley Morning StarMaricela Rodriguez/Valley Morning Star

Pilot Travel Center (Bath, New York)

This well-known chain travel center offers you a deserved rest and entertainment. It doesn’t matter whether you are a trucker or a casual traveler. If you have to travel through New York, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to stop in Bath and recharge. Have you been driving for long hours? Then you probably don’t feel much fresh. That’s not a problem – in Pilot Travel Center you can take a shower or wash your clothes in a public laundry. Don’t forget to visit the fueling station before leaving. It also has such amenities as wireless internet and various dining options.

Moxley CarmichaelMoxley Carmichael

Sapp Bros (Sidney, Nebraska)

As a widely recognized truck stop, Sapp Bross has become an iconic travel center for drivers. This truck stop takes pride in their premium customer service which will exceed your expectations for sure. Have you ever thought that you can be excited by the bathroom décor? Now you can. Here in Sapp Bros, bathrooms are equipped with granite countertops, and the staff guarantees the highest hygienic stand-ards. What if something sabotages these standards, making you a bit uneasy? Just push the right button and you can be sure, that Sapp Bros’s employees will respond to your notification in the blink of an eye. If you happen to drive through Nebraska, that’s the place where you should stop.


Trail’s Travel Center (Albert Lea, Minnesota)

A tavern, a pizzeria and a fast food bar are examples of the rich choice of dining options. Are you one of those drivers who always complain about parking spots? In Trail’s Travel Center you’ll finally take a breath because there are more than 300 of them there. Parking under such conditions is like every Trucker’s dream. If you are not satisfied with the look of your truck, go to the truck wash and make it shine as if it was brand-new. Every trucker knows one rule – don’t fall asleep while you’re driving. That’s why in Trail’s Travel Center you can drink a hot strong coffee that will keep you awake. Before you leave, don’t forget to buy some fuel. Just in case.

Trails Travel PlazaTrails Travel Plaza

Coldfoot Camp (Fairbanks, Alaska)

Is everything frozen around you? Maybe you’ve noticed the northern lights and maybe it’s so cold that you’re afraid to leave your truck. It could be a good hint that you are in Alaska. If you’re wondering what the northernmost truck stop in the world looks like, you need to visit Coldfoot Camp. There’s no other truck stop in the world that offers you such a landscape. Would you believe that it’s only 60 miles from the Arctic Circle? It guarantees you all the basic amenities that truckers need. You can ever order a packed lunch at night so that it’s ready for you in the morning. In Alaska, it won’t get any warmer, so it would be a good idea to drink something hot and take a hot shower before you leave.


Palace Truck Stop and Casino (New Orleans, Louisiana)

This truck stop hosts all the necessary amenities, including 15 acres of parking. In Palace Truck Stop you can take a hot shower, spend some time in a TV lounge and use free WiFi. If you crave gambler’s emo-tions, the casino is at your disposal. Naturally, it wouldn’t be a recommendable truck stop if it didn’t offer you any food. Visit the local restaurant and let the staff treat you like a king.


Florida 595 Truck Stop (Davie, Florida)

Have you ever visited a truck stop that doesn’t offer enough parking spots? It’s not one of them. Florida 595 Truck Stop offers you more than 450 parking spots. 12 Fuel lanes are also at your disposal whenev-er you notice that some additional fuel wouldn’t hurt. This truck stop also provides you with such amen-ities as a service center, a radio repair shop, a sports bar and a convenience store. When you get hun-gry, there’s a diner where you can drop in for a moment and grab some food.


Whiskey Pete’s (Jean, Nevada)

You’ve been driving for eight hours straight, you are hungry and exhausted. What do you need? You need a good hotel and at least a small dose of entertainment. Whiskey Pete’s is the place that will pro-vide you with everything you need to let your hair down and recharge. There you can have some rest, which you deserve. You can find there is much more than just a bed to sleep on. If you are a gambler, there’s a casino open for you. Don’t forget that you’re in Nevada and Jean is a stone’s throw to Las Vegas. The casino has one attraction that is especially appealing to lovers of crime tales – the car that belonged to Bonnie and Clyde. Yes. The one they were shot in. Before you leave, eat the proper meal in one of the restaurants and bars. You need energy for the rest of your trip.


Jubitz Travel Center (Portland, Oregon)

It may look like a modest option for those who don’t demand too much. In fact, this truck stop offers everything that you need to have a small rest on your tour. The self-proclaimed “world’s classiest truck stop” offers you professional hotel service, so you won’t need to worry about the night. Surely, sleep is not the only need we have, so you will need to eat something. In Jubitz you’ll find a restaurant that not only offers you full service but is also open day and night. It means that even if you get hungry at mid-night, you can count on a feast. If you crave entertainment, visit a movie theatre or a lounge. There, you’ll be offered a fuel and maintenance service as well.


Boise Stage Stop (Boise, Idaho)

Who says that a trucker can’t be a history lover? This truck stop has been open since 1891 and you can find there many traces of those past times. Of course, it doesn’t mean that the customer service is out-of-date. Don’t even think that. It hosts all the modern amenities that a modern trucker deserves. There you’ll be able to take a shower, wash your clothes in a Laundromat and watch a movie. There’s also a convenience store that sells, among others, leather and locally made jewelry. The store is open 24 hours, so you don’t need to worry about being late.


Lodi Travel Center (Lodi, Ohio)

Choose one of 237 parking spots that Lodi Travel Center offers to you and take some rest. This truck stop provides you with various dining services, including a fast food bar and a coffee shop. There you can eat a large burger and drink the famous Starbucks coffee. Rest and recharge so that you can be ready for the rest of your tour. Spend some time in the game room and entertain yourself. If you prefer more active pastimes, there is also a basketball hoop, so even LeBron James would appreciate this place if he was a trucker.


Iowa 80 (Walcott, Iowa)

Do you want to know what is so special about Iowa 80? Here we present the biggest truck stop in the world. Are you a movie fan? Go to the local movie theatre and watch something good that will keep you on the edge of the seat. Don’t forget about the famous trucking museum. Iowa 80 guarantees high-standard services to truckers from all around the world. There you find also a huge store where there are 3 tractor-trailers. Pay attention to chrome accessories with which the store is covered. Don’t worry about food. You must have heard about the famous 50-foot salad bar, which looks like a para-dise for vegans.

Iowa 80 GroupIowa 80 Group

Little America Travel Center (Little America, Wyoming)

This modest chain offers you an array of stops, where truckers and ordinary travelers could relax a bit. What does this large complex include? There you can find a variety of heaven-sent dining services for those who’ve been driving for a long time. When you are stuck behind the wheel for many hours, you could give a leg for a hot meal. So if your tour goes through Wyoming, don’t hesitate to visit Little America. There you can also take a hot shower and stock up on fuel. If you have a bigger problem than the lack of fuel, Little America Travel Center offers you experienced mechanics’ services.

Little America HotelLittle America Hotel

Davis Travel Center (Virginia)

This large truck stop chain has locations all over Virginia. Feel free to use such amenities as CAT scales and TripPak services. If you want to browse the web, you can use free Wi-Fi available to every visitor. Davis Travel Center takes care of truckers no matter where they come from. They even offer a special loyalty rewards program known as AMBUCKS. Thanks to it, you can earn discounts on various products and – what you should appreciate the most – food!


Johnson’s Corner Truck Stop (Johnstown, Colorado)

Colorado is a famous state known for its beautiful landscape, but have you ever heard about John-stown? If the answer is no, you should consider stopping there next time you’re driving through Colora-do. Why is it the perfect place for stopping? Because it offers you all amenities a trucker needs, such as shore power. In this place, you can check live video displaying CO road conditions whenever you want to. Slouch in the TV lounge and relax for a while. Thanks to the free WiFi, you’ll be able to check your e-mails and visit your favorite websites. Don’t forget to visit Johnson’s Corner Truck Stop’s bakery and try local baked goods. You’ll love them.


Morris Travel Center (Morris, Illinois)

Morris Travel Center is the best place for truckers who love burgers. It has an R Place restaurant which offers you gigantic – no, it’s not an exaggeration – burgers. Try Ethyl Burger, a 4 lb burger that will strike you as one of the best you’ve ever eaten. It also offers all amenities you’d expect out of a world-class truck stop. Among them, there is a travel store, truck maintenance and showers. You can have a stroll on a walking trail, especially when you regret the calories from your burger.

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South of the Border (Hamer, South Carolina)

South of the Border isn’t one of the typical truck stops. Apart from basic amenities, it offers a golf course, a wedding chapel and a reptile lagoon. If you are an American trucker who wants to propose to his beloved on a golf course and get married on the same day – could you find a better place? Do you feel sentimental when you look at a breathtaking landscape? South of the Border has something for you. It’s known as Sombrero Observation Tower and it’s as much as 200-foot high. Once you feel satis-fied with the view, check out dining options and eat a hot meal.

South of the BorderSouth of the Border

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