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The United States of America is a vast and diverse country, where you can find amazing mountains, and beautiful seaside, big, bustling cities and wild expanses of an untouched wasteland. The multitude of cultures and differences between the north and the south, east coast and west coast, make any United States vacation a unique adventure. Before you decide which part of America you want to visit, think about what interests you the most? Do you like visiting cities, or would you rather see the wonders of nature? You can find some of the best examples of each category here, in the United States.

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Visit USA

A journey through the largest cities of America is a treat for anybody who desires to satiate their spirit rather than the body. No place is better as a starting point of such an adventure than New York. The Empire State Building is a New York icon. The amazing view of Manhattan seen from this skyscraper is unparalleled. On the other hand, the Manhattan skyline is best captured from the Staten Island Ferry, or Brooklyn Bridge. Don’t forget to visit the Statue of Liberty on Liberty Island and the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the largest museum in America. And finally, when you are tired of walking through the concrete jungle, you can always have some rest in the bosom of nature at Central Park. Instead of staying in Manhattan or Brooklyn, where prices are the highest, find a cozy hotel in Queens, with easy access to the bustling city center via New York City Subway. Feather Factory located in this one of the most diverse ethnic urban areas of the world, offers some fantastic places to visit. The hotel offers exquisitely designed, homely rooms, all necessary amenities and is pet friendly, so if you’re traveling with your four-legged friend, this is the best place to stay.

It would be amiss to not visit the capital city of the United States of America, Washington. Washington is a green city, full of squares, lawns, alleys and bicycle paths. To see all the monuments, you will spend a lot of time walking, or you may rent a bike. The city bike system, called Capital Bikeshare works very efficiently, and you can find characteristic red bikes operating nearly everywhere. Plenty of docking stations make it possible to get to any of Washington attractions, starting from the Lincoln Memorial, around the Washington Monument, the White House, and to the National Mall on Capitol Hill Discover iconic attractions, monuments, museums, and landmarks located within a few blocks from the Melrose Georgetown Hotel, a notable boutique hotel offering distinct service and creative culinary experience. Art-deco inspired rooms and suites with large windows overlooking the capital, this luxury United States hotel invites you to spend your holiday just steps away from historic sites.

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Things to do in United States

A real treat for all art lovers awaits for you in Chicago. The Art Museum of Chicago, the Museum of Contemporary Art as well as an interactive American Writers Museum will satisfy your need to learn about historic and contemporary fine arts and literature. Lookingglass Theater Company is recognized as one of the most prestigious theatres in the world. The Millennium Park is a place where you can rest and relax during your excursions, but also take part in a rehearsal or even a concert for free. Admire the phenomenal city views from the rooms of a stylish hotel One Sixty-Six in downtown Chicago. Unique design, boutique accommodations, and unbeatable iconic Chicago skyline showcase the best the city had to offer for business and leisure travelers alike. Whether you plan a city adventure, expect to attend meetings, or hope to blend business and fun in Chicago, this hip and inviting hotel promises a comfortable urban retreat. The city offers you a great number of world-class restaurants with all kinds of cuisines. Some people say that when it comes to food, visiting the Windy City is like being in all countries combined into one piece of land.



On the East Coast, you can find many places where you can sunbathe and rest on beautiful beaches. Also, shopping centers and amusement parks are how Americans love to spend their free time. Miami in Florida, the city associated with vacation movies has an abundance of recreation venues. It is also the cleanest city in the United States in terms of air, drinking water, and green spaces. One of the most beautiful and the most famous public beaches around the world is South Beach, and Lincoln Road is a perfect location for leisurely walks. Out of United States resorts in Miami, the beachfront gem The Betsy at the quiet end of iconic Ocean Drive is exceptional. Thoughtful amenities, extraordinary service, curated events program raging from yoga classes to live music and lovely gathering place for arts and culture will brighten your stay in this exciting neighborhood. Your four-legged friends will be met with royal welcome and undivided attention of staff at a family-owned hotel. On Miami Beach, you can feel like a star from a music video because that's the place where a countless number of them were recorded. That's also the place where you can meet the most beautiful women and the most handsome men on the earth. If you don't believe it, there's only one way to learn about it.

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Visit Las Vegas

Who hasn’t heard about Las Vegas, the world capital of entertainment, casinos, and money, a paradise for enthusiasts of fast cars and strong drinks? It’s the City of Sin. The whole city is one big tourist attraction, but it’s best to remember that this Nevada city is not a holiday destination for families with children. Bear in mind that the most popular cultural attraction in Las Vegas is the Museum of Organized Crime! If you are looking for unforgettable entertainment, sophisticated restaurants, and the most modern United States hotels, this is a great place to spend some time and money. Located only minutes away from the Las Vegas Strip and the Convention Center, the boutique luxury Renaissance Hotel offers chic, ultra-modern style and elegant rooms and suites with oversized windows. There’s nothing ordinary about your United States vacation in Las Vegas, as you relax by the resort-style pool or dine on delicious meals prepared in the hotel restaurant. Eclectic, plush interiors are perfect for business or leisure experience in the unique splendor of Las Vegas.

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Do you want to see the famous “Hollywood” sign with your own eyes? Los Angeles has so much to offer to all cinema lovers. Headquarters of many film studios, celebrity sighting tours, Sunset Boulevard and Walk of Fame are among the most visited attractions of the city. However, you may instead choose sunbathing of surfing the waves of the Pacific on amazing Los Angeles beaches. United States resorts in Santa Monica and neighboring towns offer outstanding opportunities for happy and relaxing vacation. Stunning view of the Pacific and nearness of the famous Santa Monica Pier are among the advantages of the Ocean View Hotel, which offers stylish guest rooms, a wide range of on-site activities and delicious food. Take a stroll along the pristine Pacific Coast, visit local galleries, parks, and gardens, or take a ride along the 26-mile bike path, as the sun sets over the Ocean. The attractive location of the hotel puts you within a walking distance of California’s best restaurants, shopping centers, and outdoor activities.

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Grand Canyon

You don’t have to spend your United States vacation in the cities though. If admiring the wonders of nature is what you prefer, America has a lot to offer too. The largest national parks, Yellowstone among them, are a breathtaking opportunity for a real adventure. High mountains, wide prairies, enormous, beautiful rivers, all of that and more await you in the United States. Most people who dream of traveling to the USA, also dream about looking down the precipices of the Grand Canyon. Even if you’ve seen it a thousand times in the movies, nothing can compare to the real-life experience, or to the two-days trip to the bottom of the canyon. Stay at Grand Canyon Lodges, the National Park approved hotels right on the rim. Since the early XXth century the guests have come to this fabled canyon and enjoyed the most sublime of landscapes on Earth. All lodges are located close to the canyon edge and help organize trips and ventures to its bottom, whether on the world-famous mules or on guided motorcoach tours.

Choosing what to see while on vacation in the United States, is not an easy feat. This country, and this continent, has so much to offer, you have to take your time and plan your trip wisely. Whatever you decide, you will earn memories for a lifetime and a desire to go back and see even more of this incredible and challenging country. Let your emotions carry you toward your greatest adventure.

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