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Top 6 Best Sandals Resorts in the Caribbean

Sandals Resorts International offers premium accommodation services for travelers coming from all corners of the world. This chain of adults-only resorts was launched in 1981 and it blew up immediately. Since the day of their launch, Sandals resorts became the safe havens for those who wanted to spend vacations of their dreams in the Caribbean. Choosing the services of Sandals resorts is a great choice for couples. Among others, they include customized wedding services. The company will also help you benefit from your travel to the maximum. Thanks to shuttle services and catamaran cruises you will be able to explore the clear blue waters of the Caribbean Sea. If the surface of the water is not enough for you, you’ll have a chance to try scuba diving and learn yourself what can be found beneath it. Every resort gives access to elegant restaurants, where you’ll be able to try native cuisines as well as experi-ence foreign accents. Swimming pools, spas and tennis courts will guarantee you the recreation of un-imaginable quality.


Sandals Royal Bahamian

Old colonial architecture and decorations are what makes this resort special. You will definitely adore such elements of décor as opulent chandeliers and frescoed ceilings. Once you recover from this stupe-fying admiration, you should try the local spa. The experienced and well-trained staff will provide you with all types of spa treatment so that you can leave relaxed and satisfied. Are you into physical activi-ties? Do you want to find an outlet for your energy surplus? With Sandals Royal Bahamian you can try sailing, kayaking and scuba diving. The last one is especially recommended to you when you are stricken by the beauty of the turquoise Caribbean waters. You will experience a shock, once you realize that it’s even more incredible beneath the surface of the water. This resort is a great option not only for those who crave comfort luxury. It also attracts travelers who are interested in local history. What’s so his-torical about this place? Well, this facility had existed even before it was taken over by the Sandals company. In the 1940s the famous Balmoral Club was located there and it was frequently visited by the Duke and Duchess of Windsor. This 5.0-star all-inclusive resort offers as many as 404 rooms, so you can be sure that one of them is special for you!

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Sandals Grenada

This resort is exactly what you need when you decide to go on a tropical vacation with your beloved one. This property is located on Pink Gin Beach, which guarantees appealing sights and plenty of ways of spending free time. Are you a demanding client and you know that you deserve luxury? If so, then take a phone and book a room. The staff of Sandals Grenada also knows your needs and offers you a variety of accommodation classes. Butler Elite, Sandals Luxury and Club Sandals are options that you should consider if you value comfort and elegance. If you want to spend a memorable time with the love of your life, especially when it’s your honeymoon, choose the offer called Love Nest. The mere name of it should give you a hint that you won’t be disappointed. Once you get out of bed, let your hair down and try one of ten restaurants the resort offers you. Please yourself with a wide array of delicious food and give your taste buds the time of their life! One of them is a first-class steakhouse, where each meat-eater is treated like a king. Don’t forget about your body. Visit a spa and let the experts make you feel ten years younger. Do your muscles need regular physical activities? Sandals Grenada has five swimming pools at your disposal. Wear swimming trunks and jump into the water whenever you want. You are in charge here.


Sandals Royal Caribbean

Are you passionate about Far East cultures? Have you always dreamed to visit such a place as Thailand? In some way, you can meet one of your dreams in Jamaica too. This resort is located more or less 5 miles from downtown Montego Bay but it offers you an oriental atmosphere. Go to Royal Thai, where you’ll try real Asian dishes as if you were in the center of Bangkok. Have you ever heard about bamboo body polish? Sandals Royal Caribbean offers you access to Red Lane Spa, where you can check this eastern practice. You’ll be surprised by its soothing effects on your tight body and uneasy mind. You’ll be finally able to feel fresh and relaxed. Once you reset your body and mind, prove to everyone that you and your beloved one are dancing king and queen. Can you imagine dancing in the night, when the only light is the one coming from tiki torches? Check yourself and find a completely new level of ex-citement. If you happen to feel that dancing is not enough and you still have an enormous load of ener-gy, the resort has other attractions for you. Get on a four-wheel-drive vehicle and ride through the real jungle. You’ll feel excited about the new adventure and you’ll certainly develop a desire to do it every year.

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Sandals Grande St. Lucian

This adults-only Sandals resort is especially attractive for lovers of mountains. The volcanic landscape suits St. Lucia’s turquoise waters most beautifully. You’ll be excited by the mere look of it, but of course, the look is just the beginning. The real experience will start once you check in and let the resort staff take care of you. Uniqueness is the word you could use to describe Sandals Grande St. Lucian. You’ll probably find it nearly impossible to compare it to anything you’ve ever seen, but if you had to, you’d probably say that it’s a kind of a tropical theme park. The multitude of recreation possibilities and a wide variety of restaurants means that boredom is forbidden there. The wonderful sunny weather will kick you out of the four walls in the blink of an eye. You bet you’ll fall in love with the local beaches, where you can play tennis and swim in one of the five pools. If you’re interested in the Caribbean ma-rine life, you should try scuba diving. The underwater sights will surely take your breath away and they’ll etch on your memory for the rest of your life. Naturally, at the end of the day, you will need a deserved rest. That’s why Sandals Grande St. Lucian offers you professional accommodation options, including king-sized beds, mini-fridges and cozy balconies.


Sandals South Coast

Would you like to open the window of your room and see the shocking beauty of the Jamaican south-ern coast? It’s possible with Sandals South Coast. Book a room in this resort and you can be sure that you’ll be able to sit back and relax on the balcony, from which you can watch white sand beaches and clear teal water that reflects the perfect blue sky. Inside the room, you’ll have access to a mini-fridge, so you’ll have your favorite snacks within your reach whenever you want. Even if a holiday resort in the middle of the Caribbean Sea may seem as if it meant living in the sticks, you won’t miss your modern technology there. Sandals South Coast offers you access to HD smart TVs, so you’ll be able to watch your favorite movie, lying on a luxurious king-sized bed. Where can you go when you are hungry? Check Schooner’s or Eleanor’s where you’ll be able to try native cuisine. Only then you’ll achieve a full Jamai-can experience. Of course, if you decide that you’ve got familiar enough with Jamaican dishes, you could try Giuseppe’s. This restaurant will guarantee you Italian-inspired meals of different types. You can’t imagine anything more romantic than ordering dinner for two in such a small piece of Italy.


Sandals Halcyon Beach

It’s one of three Sandals resorts located in St. Lucia’s. That’s a perfect option for those who are not looking for extravagance and prefer modesty. There you can find peace and silence. In the area belong-ing to Sandals Halcyon Beach, you won’t find any ugly modern buildings that would spoil St. Lucia’s lush landscape. Your vacations there will be organized in such a way that’ll offer you a nearly-native experi-ence. Make yourself at home in a room designed to resemble the interior of a cottage. Despite this modest and traditional design, you’ll have free Wi-Fi access and a mini-fridge. The company offers you a variety of shuttle services so that you’ll be able to visit the two other Sandals resorts in the area. It means that recreation and dining options will be almost unlimited. Since we are talking about dining, don’t forget to visit Kelly’s Dockside Over the Water Restaurant. Travelers from all around the world recommend this restaurant and you can be sure that you’ll become one of them. Do you want to learn what the highest degree of relaxation is? The resort offers you a Red Lane Spa when you’ll be offered a wide selection of massage services and much more. Once you leave the spa, you’ll be shocked that such a visit was exactly what you’ve needed your whole life.


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