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The Best Place in Denmark for Holiday

In Denmark, it’s all about culture and that special, unique atmosphere. It’s the home of Lego, Christian Andersen, Vikings and hygge. There are lots of luxurious hotels where you can relax and eat delicious food, beautiful landscapes, including sandy beaches and countless monuments. You can even climb a mountain of sand, hike to a buried lighthouse or go bridgewalking (yes,that’s a thing!). Maybe you would like to see an underwater bridge or go on a scavenger hunt? Denmark has it all!

Jacob BøtterJacob Bøtter


First things first, while in Denmark you just have to go to Legoland. There is no need to look for one of Denmark hotels nearby, you can stay in the center of the fun, in the Castle Hotel! Choose one of 142 fairy tale rooms (do you prefer the dragon knight, or a princess’ chamber? Or maybe a wizard’s magical observatory?) and dine in the Knights´ Tavern Restaurant. If you want to sleep in the 4-star Hotel LEGOLAND, you will be able to live together with the ninjas or in the recently created rooms devoted to the Lego Movie. It offers several playrooms, where you can use the console, watch cartoons, and obviously, play Lego bricks. In order to relax after a long day in the theme park, you can have a drink by the fireplace in the Brick Lounge, use the exercise room or go for a walk along the sculpture path. A Holiday Village is yet another option, especially if go on your Denmark Vacation with a family. You can find there many outdoor activities and lots of room to play. There are Pirate rooms, Wild West cabins and native American tents, everybody can find something for themselves.



When it comes to Legoland itself, there are so many attractions that you need to be sure to plan your Denmark Vacation carefully in order to be able to take advantage of all of them. The latest include Emmet’s Flying Adventure - Masters of Flight, the Scandinavia's first flying theater, which is a journey inside an engrossing world of Lego Movie, and the Apocalypseburg Sky Battle, an adventurous mission to fight Duplo invasion from another space, during which you will feel like a real pilot, make loops and fly upside down. There are also other events for those who like a bit of adrenaline, for example Jungle Racers – zooming about on water scooters or Lego Canoeing – an unforgettable ride in whitewater waterfalls. If you prefer something less risky but equally exciting, try out Lego Safari in a zebra-like jeep among the wild animals on the African Savannah or join Lego divers on an expedition to Atlantis by Sea Life and look for treasure guarded by sharks.

Jens Nørgaard Larsen / Ritzau ScanpixJens Nørgaard Larsen / Ritzau Scanpix

Denmark Holiday

Another must during your Denmark Vacation is the Birthplace of Hans Christian Andersen, the world’s most famous author of fairy tales such as ‘The Little Mermaid’, ‘The Ugly Duckling’ or ‘The Snow Queen’. This icon of Denmark Culture was born in Odense, where you can visit both his childhood place and a museum with incredible atmosphere of mystery and secrets. While in Odense, you can stay in a great Denmark Hotel, First Hotel Grand. It was opened in 1897 in the center of the town and it wonderfully connects classical ambience with modern facilities. There are 135 individually and gracefully decorated classic rooms, a brand-new fitness studio and a beautiful restaurant. Make sure to try luncheon consisting of five seasonal variations on Danish “Smørrebrød”, literally “buttered bread”, a traditional, Scandinavian open-faced sandwich of rye sourdough bread, seafood, meat, vegetables or fish.

Visit BergenVisit Bergen


In order to make your Denmark Vacation really unforgettable, you should definitely sail a reconstructed Viking ship on the beautiful Roskilde Fjord. The attraction is available in the Viking Ship Museum, which offers sailing trips during which everybody participates actively in rowing, but don’t worry, there are experienced instructors that will help you. The price includes Viking-inspired food (you can eat it on land or take it onboard). Don’t forget to visit the museum itself, you will be taken back in time to get the feeling of real Vikings. The museum is located in Roskilde and you can stay there in another great Denmark Hotel, Comwell. The moment you enter the building, you will feel Scandivian ambience. 159 rooms are decorated in light and Nordic colors and they have a view of either stunning fjords or green areas. And that’s just 30 minutes from Copenhagen.


Denmark Culture

If you want to understand Denmark Culture, you must get to know hygge. It is basically the concept of acknowledging a feeling of a moment as cozy, unique or charming. There are special city tours in Copenhagen called ‘Hygge and Happiness’ during which you may understand it better. They last around 3.5 hours and you will chat about the life in Denmark with the locals, discover why Danish people are so happy and how they build their utopian world and learn about unusual public spaces and community-enhancing projects. The price of the tour includes coffee and cake in one of many little local haunts and a ticket for the harbor bus. What is really great, is the fact that by joining the tour, you will support a small, independent business. After that great experience, you can rest in a beautiful, boutique hotel Sanders. It is very cozy and elegant, and it’s located in the very heart of the city. In the evening you can eat delicious dinner on the roof terrace and admire a charming view of the neighborhood and in the morning you can enjoy your dinner watching the sunrise.


Things to do in Denmark

If you want to experience something unusual, make sure to climb a mountain of sand. Råbjerg Mile is the largest migrating dune in Northern Europe. It’s 1km wide, 1km long, 40 meters high and it is made up of about 3.5 million m3 of sand. Although walking to the top can be a bit challenging, the stunning view will be worth the effort. Rubjerg Knud, a lighthouse situated in the dunes, is also a great place to see. It is now abandoned because of the fact that it will be soon overcome by sand. The Danish claim that it is one of the most amazing natural and cultural areas in Denmark. You can visit the exhibit in the old Wreck Master’s Farm which presents the history of this very special place. After that, have a walk around the countryside and admire the ruins of the Rubjerg Church, if you prefer to know more details, you can even book a guided tour.

At the end of your Denmark Vacation, try bridgewalking in Lillebælt, it is the only place outside Syndey where you can do it. In fact, the activity is walking above the bridge to enjoy the unimpeded view, feel the height and the sinking impression. The emotion while a bridge starts shaking from a train rumbling over it can’t be compared to anything else! There is no reason to worry, all participants are connected to a security system. What is more, the guide will tell you everything you want to know about the history, architecture and nature of the city. The walk takes around two hours. When it comes to bridges, you should also visit the one called Øresund. It is 16 km long links Sweden and Denmark but the really amazing fact is that it disappears underwater to let ships pass into the Baltic Sea, that’s why it is also called ‘an underwater bridge’. Last but not least, go on a scavenger hunt for the six forgotten giants created by an artist Thomas Damboo. They are hidden around forests, waters and meadows in Copenhagen.

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