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Top 15 World’s Best Honeymoon Destinations

Best honeymoon destinations - Some people may worry that honeymoons are expensive or that something may go wrong during the travel. You may also find it diffulct to forget about work and daily life, so you are afraid that you won’t be able to relax and enjoy the stay. You know what? Forget about all those problems. You and the love of your life deserve to have the honeymoon of your dreams. But you may wonder where to go. It’s true that there are innumerable places in the world that offer tempting options for newlyweds. How to choose the right destination then? Let us present to you the 15 best places that will guarantee the best romantic experiences for you.

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Paris (France)

It goes without saying that a honeymoon must be romantic. Is there any more romantic city in the world than Paris? Drink famous French wine with your beloved one, watching the sunset. Although you’ve seen Paris many times in popular culture, you will be surprised how sentimental you can get when you watch Eiffel Tower, which reflects shy sun rays. Take a stroll through cobbled streets and soak up the unique atmosphere of this place. Think about a small boat trip on the Seine. Water has a special power of enhancing romanticism. If beautiful music makes you touchy, you must go to Opera de Paris.

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Florence (Italy)

Spend your honeymoon roaming through romantic and beautiful Italian streets. Visit Piazzale Michelan-gelo, Piazza del Duomo, Uffizi Gallery and Basilica di Santa Croce to see what makes Florence so amaz-ing. Let the monumental architecture excite you. Many buildings still have the taste of the Renaissance times, which is especially appealing in the evening. Don’t feel ashamed of getting a bit emotional. The atmosphere of Florences amazes even the toughest guys. Order genuine Italian food, drink the wine of the highest quality and let this city’s magical aura take control of you.


Gold Coast (Australia)

If you both prefer sunny weather and an atmosphere that is completely different from your mundane urban life, you need to book a ticket to Australia. Gold Coast is well-known for such attractions as theme parks and wonderful beaches. One of the most famous theme parks is Sea World. You’ve never experienced as close a contact with oceanic life as this park can offer you. Movies fans should consider a short trip to Warne Bros. Movie World. If you want to find a new passion together, that’s the place where you can learn to surf. Turquoise Australian waters will give you the most beautiful landscape that you could expect out of your dreamt honeymoon.

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Barcelona (Spain)

This famous Catalan city is a dreamland for newlyweds from all around the world. It’s one of the most marvelous honeymoon destinations you can think of. It has a magnificent architecture that fascinates even the lay, who don’t even see any difference between the Renaissance and Baroque. Barcelona is also known for art, so you can be sure that you won’t be disappointed if you choose to visit a gallery or a museum. Enjoy premium restaurants that will offer you local food and drinks. Are you wondering what souvenirs you can find there? Stores in Barcelona are known for impressive jewelry and porcelain figures.


Bora Bora

When you ask your friends about the travel destinations of their dreams, you can be sure as hell that „Bora Bora” will be one of them. These islands amaze tourists from all around the world with their crys-tal blue waters and turquoise lagoons. It shouldn’t come as a surprise then that it’s one of the favorite places chosen by honeymooners. Stay in one of the secluded bungalows that will give you the taste of real tropical life. Don’t base your honeymoon only on relaxation and try some active pastimes such as scuba diving and snorkeling. Local artisans will offer you charming souvenirs such as woven baskets and wooden figurines.


Amalfi Coast (Italy)

You may find it difficult to choose the right place for your honeymoon. Maybe you should consider the Amalfi Coast, which is one of the most beautiful coastlines on this planet. It offers you astonishing views that will etch into your memory for the rest of your life. This coast has not only a beach, where you can relax and swim. Its cozy and beautiful towns will give you the best strolling opportunity. Take the love of your life by the hand and take a walk through those narrow and romantic streets. The coast is known for such tourist attractions as Duomo di Salerno, Le Vigne di Raito, Villa Cimbrone Gardens and Duomo di Sant’Andrea Apostolo.

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Best honeymoon It’s a fantastic idea to spend your honeymoon on a tropical island. Newlyweds can watch the lush land-scape of Belize together, without thinking about the struggles of everyday life. Extensive beaches are at your disposal whenever you want to swim or sunbathe. Although hotels located on tropical islands seem to be the highest level of luxury, you will be able to find a genuinely affordable stay. We could recommend such accommodation services as Casa Palma, The Nature Resort and Hidden Haven. It makes it a surprisingly attractive option for young couples who must be careful when it comes to sav-ings.

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Prague (the Czech Republic)

There are few cities as much beautiful as Prague. This historical capital will stun you with its monumen-tal buildings. The whole Old Town looks as if it was taken out of some fantasy novel. Don’t forget to take a romantic walk through Charles Bridge, which is one of the most recognizable bridges in Europe. What makes the atmosphere of Prague even more special is an abundance of artisans and street artists who will shock you with their creativity. Even if you are a skeptical person, there is one thing you can be sure of – the Vltava looks beautiful during the sunset. Remember that the beauty of Prague is not lim-ited to the Old Town, so you’ll have plenty to see.


Istanbul (Turkey)

Let’s forget about tropical islands and typical European metropolises for now and let’s move to the East. This outstanding city is a mixture of all the European and Asian riches. It holds the same for the people residing there. You can find traces of many different cultures and traditions. You might say it’s a paradox that the combination of various foreign elements is what makes this place unique. But it truly is and you’ll never be able to find a city like this. Well, isn’t uniqueness exactly what you expect from your honeymoon? Visit such famous places as the Grand Bazaar and Hagia Sophia to feel the atmosphere you’ve never felt before.


El Nido (The Philippines)

El Nido is a small piece of paradise that you’ll love. It has picturesque scenery that you can watch for hours without getting bored. Lie down on your blanket somewhere on Nacpan Beach and look in the eyes of your beloved one. Let the sound of the breeze be your only music. Because of the constantly hot weather, you’ll feel as if El Nido was the best place to live. The only sadness that you can experi-ence there is the necessity to leave it. If you want to see more than the beach, go to Cathedral Caves or see Small Lagoon. The Philippines used to be an English colony, which means that communicating in English won’t a problem.


Budapest (Hungary)

As one of the most beautiful European capitals, Budapest offers you so much to see. Look at those cas-tles and palaces. Admire ruins of buildings that were built by the Romans and Turks in the distant past. As soon as you fall in love with the ambiance of Budapest you will ask yourself a question: “can a hon-eymoon last forever?” If you and your beloved one want to share musical emotions, you must book a ticket to Budapest Opera House. It would be a good idea to visit the medical thermal baths that will bring you relaxation, allowing you to enjoy your honeymoon even more. The other attractions that you mustn’t miss are Buda Castle Hill and Matthias Church.


Vancouver (Canada)

Let’s be honest. A romantic honeymoon doesn’t have to mean a tropical island or renaissance archi-tecture. The whole world offers you a multitude of wonderful places that can thrill you with their beau-ty and ambiance. One of them is the Canadian city of Vancouver. It has a variety of world-class restau-rants where you can try each kind of cuisine. Naturally, spending your honeymoon in Vancouver is much more than roaming through the city center. It’s a unique place with charming parks and high peaks that will appeal to every nature lover. If you crave beautiful views, you should visit the Vancouver Lookout.

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Balearic Islands (Spain)

Everyone who plans a honeymoon should think about choosing one of the Balearic Islands as their des-tination. The Mediterranean ambiance will enhance your romantic experience and make your travel memorable. A trip to the Balearic Islands may be expensive but you can be sure it’s worth it. It’s a place that can be appreciated by literally everyone. That’s why you can find a lot of different types of tourists there but you’ll also see that it’s a favorite destination for many couples who want to spend a romantic time there. It doesn’t matter whether you choose Mallorca or Ibiza. Each acre of this archipelago is magical.

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Miami (the USA)

Miami is the perfect destination for those who can’t imagine a good trip without white sand, water and hot weather. Do you want your honeymoon to be like in movies? Well, in Miami it will be exactly like in the movies because this place’s been featured in many movies and TV series. The reason for it is obvi-ous. It’s extremely beautiful and nothing can spoil the wonderful experience this place offers. Apart from such obvious locations as Miami Beach and South Beach, you may visit Zoo Miami and Vizcaya Museum that will be a nice enrichment of your travel.

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The Namib Desert (Namibia)

If you think that a desert cannot be a good honeymoon destination, then you are wrong. In some ways, it may even outscore other popular destinations. You’ll see that red desert dunes in Namibia look abso-lutely amazing. There’s no better place for camping in the world. Enjoy soft sand as it touches your skin and look at the clear sky. Seeing such a beautiful sky in a crowded city would be unreachable. If you crave romantic experiences with your sweetheart, lie together on the sand in the evening and watch the stars. You will never forget the spectacular scenery of the Namib Desert.

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