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It doesn’t come as a surprise that Greece has been one of the most famous travel destinations for so many years. Greece is known for its wonderful culture and history, but the educational aspects are not the only factors that travelers bear in mind. What attracts people from all around the world is the cli-mate, weather, landscapes as well as relaxation and recreation options. It’s easy to make such general-izations but in fact, every Greek island is unique. Some of them offer you soft beaches, some of them will impress you with their rocky scenery instead. Even if you know a lot about Greece it’s still possible that you take a map and have no idea where to travel. That’s why we bring you this modest list of 20 Greek islands that are the best to visit.

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That’s not the biggest Greek island but you can bet it’s one of the most iconic. It’s an island where you can find many places to explore and be surprised by the variety of attractions. Once you’re there, feel free to visit the historic Agios Nikolaos Church and the monastery of Panagia Evangelistria. Afterwards, enjoy the clear waters of Paralia Lalaria and enjoy the sunny weather. Don’t forget about sunscreen, especially when you’re not used to such southern conditions. Spending so much time by the sea can make you hungry. Go to Marmita, located in Skiathos Old Town, and let the restaurant’s staff please you with a wide array of seafood.

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You must have heard about Venus de Milo. Now you have a chance to visit the island, where the most famous likeness of Aphrodite was discovered. That’s the place where you can watch absolutely breath-taking volcanic scenery. In the past this island was barely known by tourists and most of it was unavail-able. Fortunately, the situation has been changing for some time and now there are many accommoda-tion options for visitors. You may stay at Captain Zeppos, Skinopi Lodge or Milos Cove. It doesn’t mat-ter where you are going to stay. Each acre of Milos guarantees a great getaway from the modern fast-paced world.


Don’t wait and visit one of the most iconic Ionian islands. This place is not an option for beach-lovers, since you don’t find much sand there. Instead, you’ll be able to admire the most enjoyable harbor towns you’ve ever seen. Meet friendly Greeks who are always in a good mood. Spend some time in their charming taverns and listen to live music, when one of the local bands perform. Stay in one of the popular villas and feel the sentimental vibe of this tiny island. What’s more, you’ll have an opportunity to rent a stylish motorboat and feel like the king of the ocean. Don’t forget to take some pictures. Each corner of Paxos is a desirable photo-spot. It would be a sin to keep such experiences to yourself, so organize a trip together with your friends or family.

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Sifnos is famous for the first Greek cookbook that was written in 1910 by Nicholas Tselementes. You should visit one of the Sifnos’s restaurants and try local dishes such as stewed capers and chickpea cro-quettes. While you’re there, think about purchasing some tableware, because this Greek island offers top-class pottery. One of the most recognizable is Astonios pottery that was launched back in 1870. Visit the charming village of Kastro, which will give you the taste of medieval times. Near the village, you’ll find a beautiful bay known as Seralia. Go there immediately and dine at its cozy tavern. It was open In 2020 by Giorgos Samoilis, a world-class chef. When you need to rest, stay in Verina Suites, which is located on Platis Gialos beach. Watch the amazing sunset and enjoy the softness of sand. It's a great place to get some tan especially if you live in the northern part of the world. Your neighbors will be surprised when they see your new skin tone.

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Santorini used to be a much bigger island than it is today. Unfortunately, thousands of years ago, it suf-fered an enormous volcanic eruption that affected the local landscape. Most of that land is under the sea right now and a number of people believe that it’s the true origin of the legend of Atlantis. Of course, we wouldn’t recommend visiting this island to you, if it was only for its geological trivia. One of the most exciting attractions is sailing. Get on the boat and enjoy the clear blue waters of the Aegean Sea. Get astonished by the marvelous sights of the south European paradise. Let yourself feel senti-mental while watching the sun setting over the charming village of Oia. Are you a musician by chance? Take your guitar with you and check how perfectly music combines with the island's atmosphere.

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That’s one of the most well-known Greek islands. Everyone should remember the myth about Icarus and his fatal fall. The labyrinth from which he tried to escape was exactly on this island. Obviously, you wouldn’t travel to Greece solely to study history and mythology, that’s why we’re glad to recommend some amazing attractions to you. Take some time for relaxing and lying down on Seitan Limania, a sun-kissed beach that truly reveals the beauty of the island. For a delicious bite to eat, visit the harbor of Chania together with its famous Knossos Palace. Soak up the magical atmosphere of this historic loca-tion. If you meet local people don't forget to talk to them about their culture. It will be ten times more valuable than reading any tourist brochure.

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Introducing this idyllic piece of land may seem pointless because it’s one of the most popular travel des-tinations in the world. Once you’re on Mykonos, make sure to visit also Delos island where you can get by boat. In this wonderful place, you’ll be able to admire the monumental ruins and windmills of Kato Lili. If you ask a random islander about the best cuisine in the world, they’ll answer “Greek”. To verify this statement you must go to one of the premium restaurants located on Mykonos and check yourself. One of them is Popolo, which offers you unique breakfast options. Drop in to M-eating as well and try some of the delicious meals they have on their menu.

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This island offers you a mixture of old French and British colonial traditions. Have a nice dinner in the Salto Wine bar and drink a cocktail on the Liston, which bears the resemblance of the famous rue de Rivoli in Paris. The vast part of this island resembles Tuscany. All of those colorful villages, huge manors and scenic olive groves will remind you of the best Italian summer. Apart from all of those similarities to other European regions, it has something unique – beautiful beaches. Visit Angi, a charming fishing vil-lage, rent a speedboat and explore the teal waters on your own. That’s the place where you can relax and recharge.

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Do you want to know why people value Greek holidays so much? Symi is the best island to understand it. On this island, you’ll find a charming town, where friendly locals will be more than happy to shake hands with you. The island is located very close to Rhodos, so if you choose to spend your holiday there instead of Symi, you still have a chance to take a quick boat trip. Make sure to visit the Monastery of Archangel Michael in Panormitis. It’s one of the most impressive sacral buildings in entire Greece. Do you want to swim in the gorgeous turquoise water? Go to St Nicholas Beach and spend there a couple of hours. You won’t regret it.



Another island that you recognize from Greek mythology. That’s the homeland of Odysseus, a famous hero from a classical Homer’s work. Make sure you’ll visit all of the obligatory monuments such as the ruins of Odysseus’s palace and the church of Anogi. Afterwards, go to Kioni, which is a tiny harbor, where you’ll be able to find a cozy cafe-bar known as Spavento. If you’re wondering about a place to stay, consider using the service of Five Star Greece. Thanks to that, all of the villas, such as The Chapel, will be available for you. Choose the right villa and have a private wooden boat, which will be berthed to your private beach.



Rhodes is a marvelous place to start your Greek travel. It owes its reputation to such monuments as the Acropolis of Lindos and the Palace of the Grandmaster. Visiting those places, you’ll feel as if you were the hero of a Greek legend or an ancient philosopher. The landscape and buildings are completely dif-ferent from what you’d expect out of the modern world. Forget about the reality for a moment and let the beauty of Saint Paul’s Bay charm you. Spend some of your precious time on one of the wonderful beaches and coastlines and enjoy the sun. Once your tummy rumbles, go to Ta Kardasia and try the best moussakas in Greece.



Although it belongs to Greece, Kastellorizo is a stone’s throw from Turkey’s coastline. Probably, it’s the most beautiful place that you can find on the Levantine Sea. It’s a silent island, where you may be under the impression that time doesn’t exist. You will forget about daily life and enjoy the hospitality of local residents. Kastellorizo is known for friendliness, so you don’t run a risk of getting into any stressful situ-ation. After arriving, have a rest at Saint George Beach, where you can listen to the breeze and breathe the fresh coastal air. Once you get hungry and feel like trying some local food, remember to order soutzoukakia. These spicy meatballs will complete your Greek experience satisfyingly.



After arriving at Katapola, a famous harbor where you can find mostly fishermen, go to the nearest tavern. Order a local fish dish or try more exotic seafood options. In this place, you’ll be able to feel like a genuine seaman. That’s a perfect hiding place for those who want to have a rest from daily life prob-lems. In the harbor you’ll even see the sign that says “Welcome to Amorgos. Nobody will find you here”. It’s true. The atmosphere of this secluded island will bring peace to your uneasy mind. If you have a liking for beautiful sights, you’ll be blown away by the magnificence of the water, which encap-sulates all shades of blue.

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After arriving, choose of the three village squares. You’ll find plenty of cafes, bars and taverns there. Whenever you choose one, ask about Greek yogurt and check how it tastes in the middle of the Aegean Sea. Folegandros in ancient Greek means “iron-hard” and while you’re there, you’ll realize that it’s not just a name. This barren land offers you a surprisingly impressive landscape that is not typical of this region of the world. Instead of sand beaches, you’ll find mostly pebbly coves, but you can bet they are charming and simply beautiful. Kategro, Ambeli and Livadaki are the most famous coves, which you must visit if you want to feel the special atmosphere of this island.



Mountainous scenery, a Venetian castle and whitewash lanes. These are only some of the beautiful sights that you will be able to admire when you put Astypalea on your Greek holidays list. Once you get hungry, go to Castro bar and spend the afternoon on its unique terrace. It’s constructed in such a way that will give you the impression that it floats. Surrounded by fragrant citrus orchards is Livadi Beach, where you’ll be able to relax and admire the landscape. Nearby you’ll find Vatses, a shingle bay, where you’ll please yourself with a drink in a rocking beach bar.



Make sure to see such monumental buildings as the monastery of St. John, which was built back in me-dieval times. Naming this monastery after St. John is not accidental. Probably, it’s there on Patmos that he wrote about his apocalyptic visions. If you look for convenient and cozy accommodation, try Ar-chontariki. Located in Hora, it offers you not only luxurious suits but also restaurants where you can order world-class dishes. Remember that Patmos is not the easiest place to get to. It hosts no airport and a ferry journey from Athens takes nine hours. This secluded island’s become a great option for fam-ilies and newlyweds.



Zakynthos, also known as Zante, is known as the greenest of all Greek islands. Let this colorful and mar-velous island impress you with its unusual beauty. That’s the place where the emerald hills suit the ro-mantically blue waters most finely. Make sure to visit Xigia, one of the most beautiful coves, where you’ll find bubbling underwater springs. We hope you’re not afraid of turtles because Zante is full of them. There, you’ll also have the opportunity to do some sport. The mountainous landscape, typical of this island, is perfect for hiking and riding on a bike.



As one of the icons of the Cyclades, Serifos is known for sandy beaches. That’s a perfect place for re-laxing and keeping a small piece of paradise to yourself. That’s a great hideaway for those who crave solitude and silence. You won’t find crowds and loud traffic there. Only you and the beautiful land-scapes. Via donkey tracks and uneven dirt roads, you’ll get to Kalo Ambeli, Skala or Vagia, which are the most beautiful beaches on this island. If you have a taste for salads made of fresh garden-grown vege-tables and freshly caught fish, you must go to Skima Beach and visit Anna’s tavern. Make sure to see the open-air amphitheater and listen to classical Greek folk.



Although technology is developing really fast and there are many ways of facilitating city life, you still can hardly think about something better than having a rest on white Myrtos beach. It’s only one of the attractions that Cephalonia offers to you. Don’t forget to climb up Mount Ainos and admire the aston-ishing landscape. From there you’ll see wild horses and deer roaming freely. Feel the serene atmos-phere of this island and let yourself unite with nature. Make sure to visit Fiskardo and try the seafood pasta. The restaurant called Tassia will guarantee you only the healthiest and freshest ingredients, pro-vided by local producers.



If you are tired of your city life and traffic, we know exactly what you need. You need to spend your vacations on an island that abounds in villages. To be more precise, on Tinos there are more than 50 of them. If craftsmanship is your cup of tea, you’ll appreciate all of the sculptures, flower decorations and marble pieces of art. That’s what Pyrgos, one of the most beautiful Greek villages, is famous for and you can be sure that local artisans are true masters. Another village you must visit is Volax. Imagine cottages that are carved from gigantic boulders. You wouldn’t think of such sights even in the most viv-id Greek myth. There, you’ll find basket weavers, who will impress you with their talent and creativity.

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