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Top 10 World’s Best 7-Star Hotels

When you hear about 7-star hotels you may think that’s a mistake because a hotel can’t get 7 stars. What does 7-star hotel mean? This term refers to a 5-star hotel that offers such impressive services so the reviewers feel the need to exaggerate their quality. Of course, there are not many such hotels in the world and they are usually extremely expensive. Here we want to offer you a list of ten hotels that are known for providing the highest quality services you can imagine.

ONAPS DevelopmentONAPS Development

Lucala Island Resort (Fiji)

What’s the best place for building a top-class hotel? A tropical island, of course. The Republic of Fiji is one of such countries that allow you to feel like a true islander with the highest level of comfort and luxury. It’s located on the South Pacific and the best way to get there is to use your private jet. Thanks to its location, you’ll be able to relax on the beach watching the beautiful teal waters of the Pacific Ocean and listen to the tranquilizing breeze. This resort offers you accommodation in one of the 25 private villas, but their level of luxury and cost varies. The least expensive is a villa with one bedroom, which is a good option for bachelors who look for solitude and rest. The cost of one night in such a place amounts to $4,000 which is considerably cheaper than Delana Hilltop Estate, which offers the most prestigious accommodation for the price of… $55,000 per night. Are tropical holidays worth this money? Well, you don’t get 7 stars for nothing.


Hôtel Plaza Athénée (Paris, France)

If we talk about luxury and world-class services, we can’t omit Paris. The world capital of fashion and style also hosts expensive hotels such as Hôtel Plaza Athénée. Among 154 rooms and 54 glamorous suites, you’ll surely find the accommodation option that will not only meet your expectations but ex-ceed them. If you are a person who gets easily excited by the mere thought of romantic subtleties of decorations admired by past monarchs, you’ll fall in love with the hotel’s décor inspired by Louis XVII. Once you feel like doing some sport, you’ll have access to an ice rink and you’ll be able to attend a Jazz night at Le Relais Plaza. If you get overwhelmed and you’ll need to release your muscles’ tensions, don’t hesitate and immediately go to the spa.

de Laubierde Laubier

Emirates Palace (Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates)

Do you want to feel like an Arabian sheik? If so, then Emirates Palace is the place where you can expe-rience the degree of luxury that only the wealthiest can know. What astonishes every guest is the décor of the hotel. Almost everything is decorated with gold and Swarovski crystals. Just imagine those chan-deliers, handrails or mirrors. Gold and crystal everywhere. Every small piece of Emirates Palace’s interi-or looks as if the total amount of the world’s jewelry was condensed there. It even hosts a gold vending machine, where you can buy real gold. In the outdoor area, you’ll be able to admire 12 magnificent fountains. Although this description sounds like the most exclusive luxury that only a few people can afford, you can find there relatively cheap rooms whose cost doesn’t exceed $350 per night. If such a modest option doesn’t appeal to you, you can spend a night in the best suite offered by Emirates Pal-ace. Its nightly cost is $11,000

Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group LimitedMandarin Oriental Hotel Group Limited

Signiel Seoul (Seoul, South Korea)

Lotte tower is the fifth highest building in the whole world. Such an impressive building must offer ex-traordinary service, right? That’s the place where Signiel Seoul, the most luxurious hotel in South Korea, is located. One night spent in this prestigious hotel is worth $1,000 and the services are adequate for the cost. This extremely expensive hotel even offers helicopter charters for the guests who count on the highest level of luxury. Every guest may expect premium dining services that will be provided by Michelin-star chefs who know how to prepare a proper meal. Those who love champagne will surely appreciate a champagne bar which is the largest in Asia. You can only imagine how amazing the views from this building are. Once you take a step into your private balcony, you’ll be blown away by the beauty of Seoul’s landscape.

Brintons PTY LimitedBrintons PTY Limited

The Mark Hotel (New York)

Let’s look for some luxury in Manhattan. There you’ll find the Mark Hotel which was built in the 1920s. Although in New York, you’d probably expect something typically American, you’ll notice European in-spirations in the architecture (and services as well) of this 7-star hotel. Obviously, a place to sleep is not everything that the Mark Hotel wants to offer you. The most expensive suite ($86,000 per night) will give you access to Frédéric Fekkai Salon that will provide you with exquisite hairstyling. Even such digni-taries as Bill Clinton used its services. If you need a new jacket or tuxedo, you can use the services of Bergdorf Goodman tailoring that are incorporated into your accommodation package.


Taj Falaknuma Palace (Hyderabad, India)

If you don’t know how to define prestige, you can just show the picture of Taj Falaknuma Palace. It’s one of the most luxurious hotels in India and you will be excited by all of its amenities. When you see the interior of this hotel for the first time you’ll surely feel as if you belonged to a royal family yourself. Every guest is treated like a king there and each room looks exactly like the sleeping hall of a king or at least a count. You’ll be shocked when you see that every inch of this building is an example of unimagi-nable wealth. Even before you get on the first floor you’ll notice that staircases are made from genuine marble and walls are adorned with 24-karat gold moldings. In fact, this hotel doesn’t just resemble a palace. You’ll find there real relics and artifacts such as daily objects used by the former Hyderabad’s monarch – Nizam, who lived in this palace before it was opened for guests.

Greaves TravelGreaves Travel

Burj Al Arab (Dubai, United Arab Emirates)

Does anyone have any doubts about the riches of this small Arabic country? Dubai is known for luxuri-ous hotels, casinos, beach resorts and many other attractions that only the richest can afford. One of such attractions is Burj Al Arab and it would be hard to find something more prestigious not only on the Arabian Peninsula but in the whole world. It’s located on an artificial island and its exterior will take your breath away as soon as you get there. It’s one of the most expensive hotels ever built because one night is worth from $20,000 to $27,000. Royal Suite is the most expensive accommodation option but this offer cannot be compared to any other hotel services. It includes a personal butler who will be ready to help you whenever you need him. In this suite, you’ll have access to your private cinema room and your own Rolls Royce chauffeur.

The V1 ClubThe V1 Club

Pangu 7 Star Hotel (Beijing, China)

China is one of the biggest countries in the world, so it should offer all types of hotel services even the 7-star ones. And it surely does! Pangu 7 Star Hotel is located in the capital city of China, Beijing, and it’s also known as Morgan Plaza. Once you’re in Beijing you won’t mistake this hotel for any other building due to its unique structure. What’s so unusual about it? It was designed to resemble a dragon, making it one of kind in the whole country. Bookworms should appreciate this hotel because the hotel is located a stone’s throw from one of the biggest libraries in the world. If you asked what’s so special about Pangu 7 Star Hotel, the honest answer would be everything. However, there is one specific reason for this hotel being classified with 7 stars. It’s all about Sky Courtyard suites. Their uniqueness consists in, among others, retractable glass roofs and wading pools.


Hotel President Wilson (Geneva, Switzerland)

Did you know that in Switzerland you also can find a hotel that can be ranked with 7 stars? This hotel must have been put on this list on the ground of its one special attraction. It’s The Royal Penthouse Suite which is currently the largest suite on this planet. Should we also mention that it’s also the most expensive? It’s of the top quality, so it’s also located on the top floor. What unusual amenities can you expect from such a luxurious suite? Inside you’ll find a grand piano, so you can play your favorite sym-phony before going to bed. It’s especially recommended for V.I.Ps because of the bulletproof windows. Let’s hope their bulletproof property will never be needed, but better safe than sorry. The owners of Hotel President Wilson also took care of entertainment for the guests who have decided to sleep in The Royal Penthouse Suite. They will have a billiard table at their disposal and the largest TV set they’ve ev-er seen. As far as views are concerned, the top floor offers you to watch pristine scenery that overlooks the famous Lake Geneva.

Premium Europe AGPremium Europe AG

Town House Galleria (Milan, Italy)

Located near Duomo square, Town House Galleria offers impeccable services to demanding guests. Although it seems modest and offers only 20 suites, its staff are real magicians. Each suite is personal-ized and once you check in, you will be taken care of as you wish. Sometimes going on holidays is prob-lematic for people with pets. Having to find somebody to care for your pets may be a nuisance when you plan a trip. If you decide to spend a night (or more) in Town House Galleria, however, you don’t have to be worried about the fate of your beloved cat or dog. The hotel will guarantee you a so-called Complimentary Pets Program in which your pet will be treated with care and love.


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