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America’s Most Fabulous Boardwalks

Lying on sand and swimming in the ocean is an extremely pleasant way of spending your holidays. Unfortunately even the most relaxing pastimes get boring if we don’t look for diversity. That’s why many American beaches offer you fabulous boardwalks that guarantee unlimited entertainment. On them, you can partake in various competitions, visit prestigious restaurants or listen to live music. Here we present a short list of boardwalks that you should think of when you prepare the itinerary for your American trip.

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Atlantic City Boardwalk

Atlantic City is a well-known resort city by the sea. It’s also the place where you can stroll through one of the most famous America’s boardwalks. It provides access to various hotels, so you won’t have any problems with finding the right place to spend the night. Beware if you’re a shopaholic. Walking there you will see a number of different stores that will appeal to every passionate shopper. History lovers will immediately recognize the Atlantic City historical museum and spend an hour or more there. It wouldn’t be a bad idea to check what Atlantic City Art Center has in store. Don’t forget about charming souvenirs and gift stores, where you will find figurines, t-shirts and other miscellaneous products that will remind you of this wonderful city for the rest of your life.

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Ocean City Boardwalk

Ocean City, Maryland, offers you its wonderful boardwalk together with a famous carousel that dates back to 1902. This place never falls asleep, so it doesn’t matter whether it’s day or night. You can always find the entertainment and emotions you seek here. Classical amusement attractions make it a perfect stop for whole families. Spending your free time here, you and your children won’t stop smiling. If you are brave enough, don’t think twice, and run to the roller coaster. Screaming is allowed. Naturally, a fast ride is not the only attraction that guarantees the volcano of emotions to you. The top of the Ferris wheel is the best place to admire the local landscape. Do you have a sweet tooth? There’s a perfect option for you. On the most famous Maryland’s boardwalk you have a chance to try the best dessert you’ve ever had. It may include creamy fudge, hot funnel cakes, all types of ice cream and even chocolate-covered strawberries.

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Coney Island Boardwalk

If you happen to include Brooklyn in your New York Trip, consider taking a walk along Coney Island Beach. It’ll be a great form of relaxation once you get tired of the urban noise and clamor that is so typical to New York City. Back in the 1800s, this place didn’t have the best reputation. It was even called “Sodom by the Sea” because of a wide selection of brothels and gambling houses. Since the 1980s however, it’s been a place loved by tourists from all around the world. It’s also known for its Luna Park, which offers an array of attractions. One of them is Air Race, which was inspired by so-called aerial racing. If you seek strong emotions and you crave an unprecedented adventure, don’t wait and try it.


Virginia Beach Boardwalk

Stretching 3 miles from 2nd to 40th St. is the Virginia Beach Boardwalk, which includes a lane for cycling and rollerblading. Fall in love with the four stages and listen to live music every night. The oceanfront stages are located at 7th, 17th, 24th and 31st Streets and their purpose is to make strolling through this marvelous boardwalk even more pleasant. No matter when you are going to visit this magical place, you’ll feel as if you were in the middle of a world-famous festival. Once you get tired and stop feeling like walking, you can rent a bike or a surrey. You’ll find it extremely enjoyable to ride along this unique boardwalk. Another way to relax a bit is to visit one of the quaint restaurants that will offer you different types of cuisines. You’ll be surprised that sitting on a restaurant chair you’ll be able to enjoy the Virginia Beach Boardwalk as much as when you walk through it.


Navy Pier

What do you think when you hear the word “boardwalk”? If you associate it only with the ocean, it’s time to challenge this stereotype. The Navy Pier is located along famous Lake Michigan in Chicago. Even if you’ve never been to Chicago, you must’ve heard that it’s known for its astonishing skyline. Once you are on the Navy Pier, you’ll have a chance to admire this skyline yourself. Just try the Ferris wheel which is 150 feet high and will guarantee you breathtaking sights. Watching the Windy City and Lake Michigan from such a height will leave you with lasting memories. You’ll be dying to come back here whenever the opportunity comes up. If you find it insufficient for you to get entertained, check a carousel, operate a remote-control boat or play mini-golf. Once you get hungry, try a renowned America’s Dog Chicago hot dog.


Santa Monica Pier

Sun, sand and the ocean. Yes – that’s California. It’s a real sin to visit this state and refuse to walk through Santa Monica’s Pier. Maybe you don’t plan to spend too much time here, but there is one thing you must try. It’s the Ferris wheel at Pacific Park. Why is it unique? When you’re inside, you may experience a 2-second heart attack as you find that you’re getting stressfully close to water. That’s right, the wheel is located in such a place that it looks as if it was getting ready for a deep dive. You can also take your children and have a gentle ride on a nicely painted and tastefully carved carousel. You might have seen it in the Academy-award winning movie “The Sting” with Robert Redford and Paul Newman.

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Stanta Cruz Beach Boardwalk

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that we mention California more than once on this list. Everyone knows that the American West Coast is famous for its always sunny weather and crowded beaches. Another boardwalk that this state can offer to you is located in Santa Cruz Beach. What about a quick mini golf game? Visit Neptune’s Kingdom and enjoy the two-story 18 holes course, which is adorned with a black light cave and a pirate theme. If you look for good food and want to try some local beer, come to Santa Cruz Beach during Happy Hours Food & Beer Pairing. Between 3 pm and 7 pm, you will be able to try delicious dishes and craft beers. Here you can also play some mini-games to win a prize. Is precision your strong asset? Choose a bow and shot the target. If you don’t miss it, the prize is yours. If archery is too traditional for you and you prefer a modern solution, you can use a special bazooka. The rules are practically the same.


Miami Beach Boardwalk

Let’s be honest – you can’t talk about famous beaches without mentioning Miami. Even if you’ve never been to Florida, you must have seen this spectacular beach in music videos, movies and TV shows. Who doesn’t love Miami Vice? If you spend your holiday on the American East Coast, you must spare some time for strolling along this long scenic pathway. It offers you fantastic views of this side of the Atlantic Ocean. Adjacent to the boardwalk there are South Beach hotels, where you can taste a small dose of luxury. Are you a jogger? The path along South Beach is perfect for jogging, especially when the beautiful sunny weather pleases your body and soul. Let the sun shine on you and soak up the atmosphere that only Miami can offer you. But remember that you can’t cycle north of 21st street, so if you are a passionate cyclist, don’t stray from the south side. Don’t forget about the famous Lincoln Road. It leads to a huge pedestrian mall. What can you find there? Well, the honest answer would be “everything”. You are a bit hungry – buy a burger; you are extremely hungry – check one of the local prestigious restaurants. The mall is also packed with clothes stores where you could buy goods from many renowned chains and designers.

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Kemah boardwalk

If somebody asked you about nice beaches in the United States, you probably wouldn’t think of Texas, right? So now you have a chance to broaden your horizons and visit this boardwalk that is located about 20 miles from the center of Houston. Dine at one of the premium waterfront restaurants where you’ll be served by the professional and friendly staff. But don’t go home so soon. Having dinner is not the only attraction that Kemah Boardwalk offers. Watch some seaside shows that are organized every day. Don’t count time and forget about your daily life pressure. Lose yourself in this magical atmosphere and choose your favorite photo spots. Bring beautiful photographs and memories home. Are you the competitive type? Try some games and win prizes. It’s always a great time for both adults and children. The same goes for amusement rides that are available from 12 pm.

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