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10 Reasons to Shop in London Oxford Street

Shopping in London - London, being one of the most frequently attended by tourists capitals of Europe, certainly has a lot to offer. If you love theatre, you can visit the famous Theatreland. You can go and enjoy a calming cruise through the Thames River, during which you can see some of the many architectural wonders that London has to offer, like Big Ben or the Tower. For a magnificent view of the city’s skyline, visit the London Eye and see the sprawling metropolis in all its glory. However, one of the prime reasons to visit London, which is skipped by most tourists, is to shop in London Oxford Street.

How is Oxford Street better than just any other shopping street or a mall? There is no larger selection of goods in all of England and you do not have to travel needlessly long distances to go from one shop to another. Need further convincing? Take a look at our 10 Reasons to Shop in London Oxford Street and see exactly why this street is so famous!

Selfridges & CoSelfridges & Co


Looking for a gift for your significant other? Or maybe the perfect present for mother’s day? Whatever the occasion, you are sure to find something amazing by going to shop in London Oxford Street. Not only can you find personalized wrappers and packages, which you can customize to your liking to include the initials or a full name of the gift receiver, but you can even find personalized perfume bottles! Some boutiques, such as Selfridges, offer personalization service on their bottles. Your spouse is sure to be delighted when she receives a bottle of fragrant perfume with her own initials on it, perfect for a Christmas or birthday gift!

Selfridges & CoSelfridges & Co

Shops and Boutiques

Just moved into a new home and looking for the perfect set of decorations to add a little flavor to the empty rooms? Oxford Street has got you covered! With an unthinkable selection of shops and boutiques, you are sure to find something that will fit even the most obscure interior designs. Need a new set of china to present during a fancy dinner? No problem! A couple of exotic plants, both natural and artificial? Without a doubt! Or maybe a unique ornament, like a brass pineapple that opens to reveal a hidden bottle compartment for storing wine? Every shop in London Oxford Street is worth visiting, as each one has its own quirks and unique elements, so we fully recommend dedicating a whole day to just browsing through and window-shopping!

ILO Knitting ShopILO Knitting Shop


Have you ever dreamed about owning your own authentic tartan skirt? Now you don’t have to go all the way to Scotland to find some of these regional beauties! Oxford Street has a whole array of small-time knitting shops, where owners make clothes and accessories in a traditional way. Whether to add a little festive vibe to your wardrobe around the Christmas season or just to have a nice souvenir from your stay in London, buying authentic woolen clothes always pays off. If you’re looking for the perfect tartan scarf, which will both look fantastic and keep you warm through winter, take a walk to the Topman store and you will surely find something suiting you at a discounted price.

Rodman MediaRodman Media

Oxford Street boutiques

If your vanity cabinet at home is lacking lip glosses and mascaras, there is definitely a shop in London Oxford Street that will match your style and offer you something to add to your collection. If you are buying a gift for someone special in your life but have no idea what to choose, do not worry! The assistants will help you assess what would be the perfect present and will advise you on what to get. From deep reds to exotic colors, Oxford Street boutiques have almost every shade imaginable, whether you are looking for a lipstick or a shade! For the best prices and selection, visit the Make Up For Ever store on Oxford Street, which has an extended collection of various cosmetics.

Jewelers MutualJewelers Mutual

Jewelry stores

If you think jewelry is only for women, wait before you visit Oxford Street to establish your opinion. The variety of jewelry stores on this famous London street offers not only women jewelry, but also a plenty of options to choose from for men! Whether you are looking for something more modern to complement a sleek dress, or a piece of jewelry in a traditional style to mimick an heirloom from the past, you can easily find whatever you look for in one or another store since there is so many to choose from! For the prettiest selection of crystal earrings and other magnificent accessories, head to Mango on Oxford Street, but in case you can’t find anything suiting your preference, there is still a plethora of other stores to choose from!


Quality products

The staff around Oxford Street is used to tourists not knowing what they’re looking for, so you should never feel too intimidated to ask for help. Many of the local entrepreneurs have started on Oxford Street and are now world-famous for their quality products, but they still linger around their original stores on this street, greeting visitors and helping them find the perfect purchase. If you are lucky, you may even find John Lewis himself, who specializes in Christmas-themed amenities. Moreover, there is plenty of workshops and stalls at which you can not only get to know how to properly decorate your house for the festive season, but even make some of the decorations yourself! These stores change with the seasons, so make sure to visit frequently to experience all that Oxford Street has to offer.


Toy Store

Have you taken your trips on an excursion to London but they get bored of seeing yet another church or fancy castle? There is one shop in London Oxford Street which might help you get rid of that problem! The Toy Store, an enormous shop offering games and toys for children, will definitely keep your kids occupied. The store itself, located at 375-383 Oxford Street, is over 27,000 square feet large, making it much more than a regular shop, as your kids will be able to see one of the largest collections of toys the world has to offer. It is a whole experience, not only for kids but also for adults! Whether you’re looking for a new Lego set or some oversized plushies, you’re sure to find them, and much more, here!

Willy Barton/ShutterstockWilly Barton/Shutterstock

Head to Pandora

If you have skipped Oxford Street in fear of it taking too much of your time dedicated to sightseeing, you can safely visit some of the shops even after most attractions already close down! Most of the stores at Oxford Street are open until at least 9 pm, but some of them are kept open even after that, with some of them lasting till 10 pm or even 11 pm. Some of them are even open 24/7, so you will surely find something worth your time even in the middle of the night. Still need a gift for your special someone but most of the shops have already closed? Head to Pandora on 465 Oxford Street, which is open until 10 pm, for that last-minute jewelry purchase!

Square OneSquare One

Gift Cards

We have all been in a situation where you have absolutely no idea what gift to choose, but simply giving money does not seem like the most thought-through present. There is, however, a perfect escape from such a predicament - gift cards! Most of the stores on Oxford Street offer their own gift cards of various value, so you can let the birthday boy or girl pick their own gift, which will undoubtedly satisfy them. It is a universal and safe gift to give to anyone, be it your spouse or your grandmother! Moreover, if you visit the official Oxford Street website, you will be able to find premium gift cards acceptable in most fashion stores, the value of which can be increased to as much as £5,000!

Secret LondonSecret London

Food and drinks

Walking through stores for the whole day can get quite exhausting, but do not worry - you do not have to leave Oxford Street to fill your stomach or quench your thirst! There is a wide selection of restaurants and food buffets on Oxford Street, with almost every cuisine of the world you can imagine! You can find the classic Chinese, Thai, and Japanese dishes throughout the many eateries, but also some more rare ones, like Eastern European cuisine or authentic Polish pierogis. If you’re looking for a refreshing drink, on the other hand, there is also plenty of friendly pubs and bars to visit. You can also make your own feast by stocking up at Marks & Spencer’s food hall and cooking something up at your place of accommodation if you have access to a kitchen.

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